In 2011, due to the rising wages and various timber prices, the price of solid wood furniture with wood as the main raw material has also leaped forward, although it is far less than the price increase of more than 80% of high-end mahogany such as huanghuali, red sandalwood and Siamese rosewood. The increase is also more than 20%.

The price of mahogany furniture skyrocketed " alt="The price of solid wood furniture rose by 5%. The price of high-end mahogany furniture skyrocketed" src="" data-cke -saved-src="">
The price of solid wood furniture rose by 5%. The price of high-end mahogany furniture skyrocketed.

However, with the continued deepening of the property market regulation, the weakening of practical and investment demand, the trend of solid wood furniture prices this year is quite subtle.

In 2011, the increase was two to three percent.

Compared with the skyrocketing high-end mahogany furniture, the price of solid wood rose last year. In the interview, Zhao Ge, general manager of Meikemeijiadian system told reporters that the increase of Meikemeijia solid wood furniture last year was only similar to the increase of CPI.

However, when visiting the major stores, the reporter found that although the price increase of the major brands of solid wood furniture was not large, due to the reduction of the discount rate, in fact, the increase of solid wood furniture last year was about 20%, and the increase rate of some brands. Up to 30%.

The price is stable in 2012

So, what is the price trend of solid wood furniture this year? Sun Xiaozhou, chairman of Beijing Familiao Furniture, said that solid wood furniture enterprises are “resource-consumption”, while China’s restrictions on forestry resources are limited, so the proportion of domestically imported furniture and wood is rising every year, such as water commonly used in domestic furniture. Qu Liu was mainly introduced from Russia, and “things are rare”, which determines that the price of solid wood is definitely bullish in the long run.

According to the survey, the amount of precious wood used in China's solid wood furniture market far exceeds the total amount of trees in China. In order to protect forest resources, China's forestry departments have increasingly stricted the inspection of felling, and the channels for importing logs from China are also related to the major timber. Producing countries have been blocked by increasing restrictions. At present, the supply of logs in China is very tight, and the prices of raw materials have skyrocketed. Some solid wood furniture has reached the situation that “the clever woman is difficult to be without rice”, so it is quite common to use poor wood as the furniture frame and then attach the high-quality solid wood skin. .

Raw material prices may continue to rise, but the weak demand also makes manufacturers of solid wood furniture dare not raise prices. The trend of solid wood furniture prices in 2012, Zhao Ge said, should not decline.

In 2012, the price of solid wood furniture rose by 5%.

Recently, Ms. Wu reflected that she had set a solid price of 5,800 yuan in solid wood furniture that she saw on Red Star Macalline a month ago. It has already risen to 6,100 yuan yesterday. The reporter visited Guiyang Red Star Macalline, Real Home, and Southwest Furniture City. The three stores have learned that raw material costs and labor costs continue to rise, once again affecting furniture sales terminals, except for some manufacturers that have already signed supply agreements. In addition to keeping the original price unchanged, some solid wood furniture brands ushered in the second price increase this year, and the price increase ranged from 3% to 5%.

The reporter learned from the Guizhou Timber Distribution Association that Southeast Asia, Africa, North America and Russia have always been China's main sources of timber imports, but with the combination of resources, national policy restrictions, exchange rates and rising transportation costs, Wood prices have increased significantly over the previous two years. The rise in timber prices, coupled with the increasing purchase and transportation costs of the factory, has led to recent price increases for some solid wood furniture brands.

After visiting the three large furniture stores, the reporter roughly calculated that so far, at least three solid wood furniture brands have increased prices, and six are preparing to raise prices in late June.

"Price increases are not necessarily good for us. Although we do not raise prices, profits will decrease after the cost increases. However, if the price rises in a bad market, it will also hurt consumption enthusiasm." Huang Youde, a local solid wood furniture agent of Kailong, said: "I only made a few orders in this month, and I have to get rid of rent, utilities, labor costs, and no profit at all." He said, but if manufacturers want to raise prices, as agents And only follow the price increase.

However, in the interview, most consumers did not change the purchase plan because of the price increase of solid wood furniture. Li Yuan, a citizen who lives in Century City, said that it is not excluded that individual brands will alleviate the pressure of price increases by shoddy or cutting corners. Therefore, they cannot look at the price, but recognize the brand and recognize the quality.

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