On June 2nd, the Life News reported that the Hacheng City Management Office, the Voluntary Labor Office , the Spiritual Civilization Office, and the Aiwei Office jointly launched the tenth national voluntary labor activity, government unit staff, business operators, community workers, and students. Nearly 10,000 volunteers, concentrated cleaning and wiping of the ground, auxiliary facilities and 20 street roads of 8 squares in the no-draft demonstration area.

The reporter learned that the volunteers are on the municipal facilities of 20 main roads including Zhongshan Road, Heping Road, Hexing Road, Xinyang Road and Sanda Power Road in the main city of Harbin, including guardrails, fences, tables and chairs, fitness equipment, and electricity. Brush and peel the rod, the trash can, the stop sign, the transformer box, etc. The cleaned and finished plaza, street pavement and various public facilities have been completely renewed.

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