Reporter Cao Fengqin Reported in Jinan
Reporter Cao Fengqin reports from Jinan

In August of this year, China’s first national standard for children’s furniture, General Technical Conditions for Children’s Furniture , will be officially implemented. At that time, products that do not reach the new standard will be delisted .

"Six Children's Day" is approaching, and an interview with the Economic Herald reporter found that some merchants selling children's furniture in Jinan started to act, launched many preferential promotions, actively promoted and cleaned up inventory, and used to use only 20% or 10% off children's furniture. Now hit a 60% discount or even a lower discount.

Discount is larger than in previous years

Every year around the "June 1" is the peak season for the sale of children's furniture, and the opportunity to launch a special offer has become a regulation.

On the 25th, the reporter reported that the children's furniture sold in the market was expensive at the Beiyuan Street, where the home stores were concentrated. All the merchants claimed that their products were well-known brands.

In Ouyada home, the reporter reported that a brand-name furniture has an ordinary desk with a price of 4,500 yuan and a sub-bed price of 7,480 yuan.

In the name of buying furniture for children, the reporter reported to the sales staff of the brand.

Salespersons said that now the store is engaged in activities, the discount is as low as 40%. "The extra bed for the desk is now 7188 yuan, which is very suitable. Usually it is the cheapest and 20% off."

In addition to the price factor, parents are most concerned about whether materials are environmentally friendly when selecting children's furniture. It is understood that the main materials for the production of children's furniture are solid wood and board, and formaldehyde-containing glue is inevitably used in the processing.

The reporter found that merchants claim that their products meet the national standards for formaldehyde emission, and many businesses have taken out test reports.

"Our furniture has reached the international standard E1 level, there is no problem." In the home of the North Garden store, a brand of furniture sales staff told the reporter that "like formaldehyde, 1.5 mg / liter or less."

“Is all the furniture like this, or is it aimed at children’s furniture?” asked the reporter.

"All furniture." The salesperson said.

The reporter also asked the children's home to have no stricter standards, and the sales staff said no.

Some children's furniture salesmen admit that children's furniture has always been produced according to adult furniture standards. The standards for children's furniture are coming out soon. Many children's furniture on the market may not meet the standards and face the risk of elimination. At present, many furniture items that participate in promotional activities are no longer produced after August.

National standard focuses on safety and environmental protection

It is understood that the "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" is a national compulsory standard. Once approved for implementation, the quality of children's furniture produced or sold (including imported) must be implemented and meet the standard requirements.

For example, the national standard requires that the children's furniture products should not have dangerous sharp edges and sharp edges, and the corners and edges should be rounded or chamfered.

At the same time, the national standard also highlights the environmental protection of children's furniture. For children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles, fur fabrics and other main and auxiliary materials, soluble heavy metals, formaldehyde emission and decomposable aromatic amines, 10 kinds of toxic and hazardous substances, The indicators, the requirements for safety and environmental protection are more stringent and demanding than adult furniture.

In a children's furniture area of ​​a store, the reporter of the newspaper opened the door of a bookcase and smelled a pungent smell.

"How is this big taste? Does your product have a toxic substance test report?" The reporter asked the salesperson. The answer is: the manufacturers produce so many products, it is impossible to test every batch and every piece, but each product comes with instructions and certificates, you can use it with confidence. "We are big brands, manufacturers have certificates" .

The reporter reported that although the edges and edges of most furniture were rounded, there were still several sharp edges and corners of the children's bed and bedside tables.

The merchants are eager to clear inventory, but the consumer's reaction seems to be slower. In front of a furniture counter in the East Asian home shopping mall, Jinan citizen Liu Yanzheng asked the sales staff to issue a report on the environmental performance of the children's bed. The reporter went to ask if she had heard of the new national standard. Liu Yan said that she had not heard of it. Just because her daughter is allergic, she will pay attention to the presence of toxic and harmful substances when choosing children's furniture.

There is no such thing. In the East Asia Home Shopping Mall and the Real Home North Park store, the reporter interviewed several consumers who were buying furniture for their children. The answer was “I have never heard of it” or “I heard that I want to introduce it, but I don’t know. content".

Dong Jinshi, a special expert of the National Environmental Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, said in an interview with the reporter that the country has not issued relevant standards for children's furniture, and lacks effective supervision, resulting in more furniture.

"If the requirements of the new national standard are required, even the children's furniture on the market, even if it is a well-known brand, can be fully qualified." Dong Jinshi said that children are weak in resistance and self-protection, and they are environmentally friendly to furniture. Safety indicators are required to be higher than adult furniture. Therefore, the national standard focuses on the safety and environmental protection of children's furniture, so that consumers can refer to the purchase of children's furniture.

He also said, "In the next few months, some children's furniture brands will definitely welcome the upgrading of products. If they fail to meet the standards after August, they will definitely be eliminated."

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