After waking up, I found that the faces in the mirror seemed to be burnout, and the best way to wake up the skin was to take a three-step morning to activate the skin engine!

Wash your face and tighten your makeup. Simple morning 3 steps against summer tiredness.

Step 1: Cleansing + Oil Control

If you want to let beauty stay on your face for a long time, you must first "review" your skin cleansing method, not to be sloppy!

Regardless of whether the pores on your face are large, you should choose a facial cleanser with oil control and pore-reducing effects for initial "oil control". The use of facial cleanser is more particular. Do you think that it is just a mess of facial cleanser on the face, and then wash it off, is it OK? If you think so, it is a big mistake! To make your skin truly clean, you should try to get close to the optimal water temperature, the best cleaning power, and the best massage direction. This will not only remove all the burden on the face, but also the gentle finger movements can be regarded as a kind of massage, which stimulates the facial skin to promote circulation and accelerate the elimination of harmful substances.

Pay attention to the best water temperature

Pay attention to the best water temperature

Cleaning is an important part of skin care, but the effect depends on the water temperature of the face. The ideal temperature is the same temperature as the skin (about 30 °C). Washing your face with water at a suitable temperature will leave your skin with good elasticity and shine. The water temperature of cleansing is preferably around 30 degrees. Not too hot water, because the heat will absorb too much oil in the skin, it is easier to dry the skin, destroy the original elasticity and luster, easy to wrinkle; not too cold water, because cold water can clean the surface Dirt, but it can't clean the dirt and excess oil in the pores; while warm water can make the pores open and clean more thoroughly without harming the skin.

Pay attention to the best cleaning effort

Pay attention to the best cleaning effort

When washing your face, wait until the facial cleanser is fully foamed and then gently apply it to your face. Do not use too much force to avoid damage to the skin. Especially under the eyes, because it ages more quickly, it is best to gently press it along the skin. In addition, when cleaning, do not use your fingertips, but use the strength of your fingertips to gently massage.

Pay attention to the best massage direction

Pay attention to the best massage direction

When you wash your face, the correct massage method will work better. Massage can promote circulation, making the face delicate, rosy and shiny. The method of cleaning the cheeks of the face should be to circle from the inside to the outside, to push the massage from bottom to top, and the forehead is to push the hands from the middle to the sides. The nose is especially important. If it is not clean, it is easy to breed blackheads and acne. The cleaning method is also a circular motion, but it should be repeated several times to ensure thorough washing.

Finally, don't forget to pat the skin with your hands. Never use a towel to wipe your face. If possible, you can immerse your face in ice water with several ice cubes after washing your face. It can make the pores shrink immediately, increase the elasticity of the skin, and also clear the mind and clear eyes.

Of course, adjusting your cleansing method is just the basic work of keeping your makeup look good. A good foundation is a good start. Then you need the second step: evolution to tighten the pores.

Purification + firming pores

Step 2: Purify + Firming Pore

The next step is to close the "small window" on the face. This link is simple but important. Because after washing the face and the skin is softer, the pores are also open. The skin under this condition is the easiest to "expose" makeup. To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to "close". "Window" cosmetics to help shrink pores, such as toner or toner, you can choose to tap the way to "close the window."

Have you washed your face? Now, you can slap the entire face evenly for about 100 times with the skin in the semi-dry state, and apply the dry cotton to the middle finger and pat the cheeks rhythmically. Pay attention to the stripes of the facial muscles when taking the toner, and photograph the neck in order. This not only promotes blood circulation, but also makes the skin smooth and elastic, so you don't have to worry about gravity to visit.

When everything is ready, it is the most critical part of the "three mornings in the morning". If you want the makeup to be "stubborn" within 12 hours, you must remember the third step - fixing makeup.

Special care for the skin - set makeup

Step 3: Give the skin a special care - set makeup

If you feel that it is too time consuming and not ready to continue, then you are very wrong, because we have done so much work to make this step more solid and make the makeup more perfect and lasting. Therefore, the card in the "three mornings in the morning" is the third trick - special makeup.

After applying the cream, use a blotting paper that helps absorb any excess oil from the face. The next step is to choose an oil-free foundation cream. Generally speaking, a good summer foundation product is best to have the function of regulating oil secretion. The use of oil-absorbing components such as starch makes the foundation difficult to melt. Or contain a light modifier, which can make the face look soft and soft by the principle of light reflection. If you use a dual-use foundation, twist the sponge into 80% dry, follow the general procedure on the foundation, then use a dry sponge to apply the foundation again. The second foundation can replace the powder, without having to add another layer of powder, which ensures that it is not easy to float.

Although the use of oil-proof cosmetics and methods, but after a few hours, most people still can not escape the phenomenon of "oil floating powder", how to consolidate the makeup? Some human makeup even floated on the face, and began to fall off after a while, and it was difficult to see one by one. In order to make the makeup last longer, we have to spread a translucent loose powder on the face. When you use loose powder, you should carefully press the sponge to gently press it to make the loose powder and skin more combined. The loose powder will last longer, the makeup will be more transparent, and the “T” type part of the forehead to the chin should be emphasized. If you use the method of pushing and rubbing, it will be much worse.

Finally, use a large brush to sweep away the excess float. Ok, go out and go out, let it take a long time, how big the sun is!

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