[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The charm of Chinese style has been deeply rooted in people's minds in recent years. Many people combine Chinese elements with nobleness. In recent years, designers have applied Chinese elements to wooden doors and wooden floors, and even to stairs. Today, the ancient Chinese design agency of Gu Yun Xuan will come to learn about the stairs of the noble wooden doors.

Chinese decoration

Chinese style wooden flooring is the most commonly used Chinese element, and many brands are “Chinese Red”. Most of the styles of this floor are made of solid wood. The surface is painted with red paint, which makes the Chinese red and auspicious. The understanding has reached a certain limit. This kind of design is not only liked by Chinese people, but many foreigners also like it very much.

Entering peace, this is what we often say. Therefore, some Chinese symbols of Chinese knots, phoenixes, blessings, etc. will be applied to the production of wooden doors. In addition to the Chinese red in the process of production, many people began to seek only the artistic effects of the hand-carved craft memory. The hand-carved wooden doors are engraved with Chinese elements and symbols, or a lot of clouds, or phoenix dances, or peony.

The Chinese-style decoration staircase ingeniously integrates various elements with Chinese charm on the ribs, vertical plates, columns and fences. The most classic products, the ribs are engraved with the "螭凤" pattern, exquisite craftsmanship, lifelike; double-happled characters carved on the square pillars of the pillars fully reflect the Chinese characteristics; the pillars are engraved with delicate accessories, and the hollow wooden fence is also elegant. delicate and pretty. Chinese charm is in this unrelenting little rhyme. With a modern Chinese staircase, one or two banners and a vase are placed. Even if no other furniture is added, the Chinese-style atmosphere is already quite rich.

Main features:
1. Superior physical properties, flat and uniform good entangling effect,
2. Clear surface and lint-free absor bency and breathability
3. Humidity and heat resisitant, resistant to organic solvents.

Application: Widely used for hygiene( Diapers , incontinence products, sanitary napkin, facial mask, wet wipes, panty line, dry and wet towels, baby cleaning products, cloth and wraps for beauty and cosmetics)

Characteristic: Uniform web form, apertures, breathability and softness to the touch, can be customized specifications

1. Hygiene products:  Baby Diapers, wet wipes, under pads.
2. Cleaning and wiping: it is soft and water absorb Cleaning Wipes, cleaning cloth
3. Beauty:  polyester Spunlace non woven fabric after special treatment, being stiff, and extra white,
it is widely used as wax paper for body hair removal. it is not harmful to skin.

Product Features: 

1. Economic, health, stable quality, inventory does not occupy a space, strong absorption, not hurting objects' surface, dropping soft, generating static electricity.

2. Can be used together with liquids such as solvent, and the special design, according to different environment, different way of access.

3. High water and oil absorbent performance

4. Eco friendly, easy to break down

Our Advantage
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Plain Spunlace

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