The reason why paint can enter the public's field of vision is to use environmentally-friendly green paint to change the color of the home by yourself. Regardless of whether you plan to DIY or not, change the color of your home. If you have time, you can still consider it. However, when using paint to change the colors in your home, you need to pay attention to the following questions:

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1. Calculate the painting area. The painting area you measure is only the theoretical area, and you have to make a certain surplus when you buy it.

At the same time, some characteristics of the coating will also cause the final coating area to deviate from your theoretical area. First of all, the units used by different paints are used in kilograms, some in litres, some in gallons, and some in barrels. It is best not to buy them in barrels. The quality and quantity inside will be different, which is prone to errors. .

Epoxy floor paint consumption varies depending on the color depth. If a bucket of 5 liters of light paint can paint a wall of about 50 square meters, dark paint can only be painted about 30 square meters. Therefore, it is best to calculate the area to be painted before purchasing the paint, so that the staff can provide you with the amount of advice, so as to avoid the chromatic aberration of the paint due to two times of coloring. Nowadays, people who are pursuing Zhang Xian’s personality can also choose to buy 1 liter of paint per barrel to subvert the tradition, break the mainstream decoration style of the world, and match the different walls of the room with various colors.

2, good ventilation conditions. In addition, take necessary protective measures before painting, such as wearing tight overalls, gloves, masks and protective glasses, so as to avoid direct contact with the skin and harmful gases directly into the respiratory system. If you accidentally get your skin stained, wipe it off as soon as possible and wash it off with soap or water.

3, the top coat is best to choose in the dry season, which is conducive to achieve the desired coating effect, and is not prone to lacquer disease.

In addition, the interior walls and wood should not be painted at the same time, which will cause indoor pollution, and because the coatings used for furniture and doors will cause yellowing of the latex paint during the volatilization process, resulting in engineering quality accidents. Therefore, it is best to avoid the yellowing phenomenon after the polyurethane floor paint is completely dried and then the latex paint is applied.

4, in order to obtain the desired coating effect, whether it is a new wall or old wall renovation, it is best to apply a primer first. For new walls, primers with mildew and corrosion resistance are generally selected; for old walls, water-based primers are selected. Even if the cement wall is very flat, if it is directly painted, it will cause the topcoat to smudge and yellow due to the alkalinity of the lime water, which will seriously affect the decorative effect. To get a good color effect during the painting process, pay attention to the thickness and color of the paint film. If the coated knee membrane is too thin, the hiding power of the coating will be impaired. In the choice of color, choose an anti-static floor paint that has a small difference in color from the surface you are painting.

5. After painting, clean the tools and residual materials in time, and close the paint bucket. The solvent drum should be covered and stored in a cool and ventilated place. For oily coatings, avoid direct sunlight and avoid washing hands with toxic solvents such as solvents with high benzene.

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