Ink is an indispensable material for printing decoration and packaging. Through printing, the packaging surface becomes beautiful, colorful, attractive and attractive. In recent years, with the rapid development of the printing industry, various plastics and paper packaging printing have been continuously improved, and the requirements for product packaging have become higher and higher. The difference between composite flexible packaging printing and general packaging printing is that the former is printed on the inside and the latter is surface printing. The inks used in both are correspondingly called inline printing inks and surface printing inks. We must analyze these two kinds before printing. The difference between inks and the correct use of them are of great significance.

Most of our inks are made up of 20% to 40% of binders, 5% to 15% of pigments, 40% to 60% of organic solvents, and 0% to 5% of additives. The binder is a binding resin that is part of the chain of the ink and binds the pigment and the printed material together to form an adhesion effect and make the ink glossy. Pigments determine the type of color. The solvent dissolves the resin, adjusts the viscosity, adjusts the drying speed, and improves the wetting of the printed material. Additives improve the viscosity, weather resistance, aging resistance, and increase gloss. The following is a brief analysis of the differences between inks and surface printing inks in our factory after years of summary analysis.

1. The difference between linking materials

The linking material of table printing ink is mainly polyamide resin, which has good adhesion and good gloss, but it is not suitable under high temperature conditions, and the composite fastness is poor. The non-cooked printing ink is mainly made of chlorinated polypropylene. Also useful for nitrocellulose and vinyl chloride--vinyl acetate copolymer resins. Domestic Jinlong GD-1 and Oriental 200 are of this type. The high-temperature steam cooking ink in the link material is polyurethane, use a certain amount of hardening agent, two-liquid mixing, reaction cross-linking, such as the East 300 type.

2. The difference between the solvents used

The solvent used for the surface printing ink is mainly xylene, isopropanol. In general, printing ink solvents are mainly toluene and ethyl acetate. The high-temperature cooking ink is mainly ethyl ketone and ethyl acetate. Ink printing ink solvent is suitable for high-speed printing, the solvent has a high volatility, and the solvent residue is particularly low.

3. Difference in wear resistance

Because the polyamide resin has good flexibility and large elasticity, the added auxiliaries improve the wear resistance and are more solid when colliding with foreign objects. Ink printing resin chlorinated polypropylene resin is particularly good in rigidity and poor in wear resistance. Because it is printed in India, the wear resistance requirements are correspondingly lower.

4. The difference between accessories

Table printing ink and printing ink in the link due to different, its auxiliary additives and additives are not the same, table printing ink often add water loss apple, kiwi fruit acid ester, to improve adhesion, increase gloss, increase viscosity. India inks are also added with various types of pigment dispersants, enhancers, defoamers and other additives.

5. Differences in printing process

The printing process in the printing process is the same as the general plate making process. However, when the plate is printed, the image on the printing plate is reversed. After printing, it is a positive image. The printed image is a positive image and the image is reversed after printing. The printing speed of the surface printing ink is slow, and the printing speed of the ink inside the printing is faster than the printing speed of the surface printing. Printing color sequence is also different.

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