Below this fire-Maple FMP-316 vacuum insulation lunch box capacity of 500ml, in addition to food and water insulation box, it can also be used as a burning pot to bring delicious and joy to your outdoor life, this insulation box The heat preservation effect is very good. It can hold up to 6 hours of holding time. The lid has a good seal, which ensures its heat preservation effect. There is also a collapsible scoop inside. In addition, the stylish design, whether it is a hot and cold food can be easily used, in the field activities in the fit, the current online price is: 135 yuan.

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Highly tight lid design

68mm caliber

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Stainless steel

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How can we reach a High Hardness Carton?

1. The thickness and material are two key factors that determine the hardness of the Carton

High-hardness cartons usually have three or five carton boxes, and of course, there are seven thicker ones. The more carton layers are thicker, the third and fifth floor cartons are also listed with corrugated and double corrugated cartons. There are also various carton materials. Good materials are not only high in hardness, but also light in weight. Materials that are poor are often very low in hardness and are easily deformed. The material of cartons on the market is "KK>KA>KB>AA>AB>BB", KK It is the best material at the moment, but the price is also the most expensive.

2. Achieve high hardness carton can also use ordinary cardboard to strengthen the core treatment, plus hard surface treatment.

I suggest that sellers choose different types of cartons according to their needs. For example, fragile, valuable items can be used with five-layer AA cartons, ordinary items that are thrown, or the product itself comes with a Paper Box. Choosing three layers is enough.

High Hardness Carton

High Hardness Carton

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