[Chinese wardrobe network] The first major standard: sheet and environmental protection. The whole wardrobe is mainly composed of plates and hardware accessories and functional accessories, and the plates occupy more than 90% of the composition in the wardrobe , so the quality of the plates directly affects the quality of the overall wardrobe. There are two standards for plates, one is domestic standard, mainly composed of moisture-proof and solid wood particle board; the other is international European standard, mainly high-density board. The moisture-proof board and the solid wood particle board are not suitable for the wardrobe, because the wardrobe is basically composed of large pieces of plates, which are less variable in density and affect the service life of the wardrobe. What is popular in Europe is the high-density board, which has high density, is not easy to change, and has a longer service life. Environmental protection is also the most important factor, so choose environmentally friendly plates.


The second largest standard: hardware accessories. First, look at the door frame, the thickness of the frame and the material selection criteria. The good frame aluminum material is light, high in hardness and not easy to be deformed, which can ensure that the sliding door with a height of 2.6 meters or more is not deformed. The second is to look at the sliding door pulley. The most frequently used in the closet is the sliding door, and the most important part of the sliding door is the lower pulley. The high-quality pulley has strong bearing capacity and good mute effect. The wheel rubber of the pulley is not easy to wear and is pushed smoothly. The third is to look at the door hinges, mainly in the closet in the closet, the doors are often used in the closet, so the door hinges also determine the life of the door, good door hinges have imported Austrian Blum, German Hettich , Germany Häfele, Italy Ferrari and so on. The fourth is to look at the drawer rails. In general, several drawers are designed in the closet. Therefore, the guide rails of the drawers are very important. The bearing capacity of the guide rails is good, whether it is with damping or not. The hidden bottom rails are the best.

The third major standard: the way the cabinet is connected. The connection method of the traditional wardrobe is directly connected by screws. The screws will rust for a long time, the rust spots corrode the cabinet body, affecting the service life of the cabinet body, and the screws are easy to loose after rusting, and the cabinet body is unsafe. Therefore, modern wardrobes are basically connected by three-in-one eccentric pieces. If there are screws to connect, then be careful, maybe it is produced by a small workshop. Also, note that the back plate assembly methods, many brand wardrobe, backplane slot is not connected with screws at the back, large manufacturers do not, when all back good plant slot opening, installation The board is inserted and it is more firm. The 9mm back plate is better than the 5mm back plate.

The fourth major standard: style matching. There are many styles of sliding doors, such as louver doors, flat doors, glass doors, molded doors, leather doors, solid wood, etc.; when choosing the sliding door, the color of the sliding door and the cabinet Whether the color of the body is matched is very important, whether it is matched with the design style of the home decoration, etc., must be considered clearly. In addition, when choosing to move the door, the color between the border and the sliding door must be the same, otherwise it will be difficult to see. Narrow borders and small louvers are more suitable for small rooms, so it is more eye-catching; the combination of large louvers and large borders is more suitable for large rooms.

The fifth major standard: design features. There are a lot of items to be placed in the wardrobe, so it is necessary to understand the design features of the wardrobe and whether the design is reasonable. The wardrobe is divided into four functional areas: the storage function area at the top, the male function area, the female function area, and the intermediate function area. The storage function area at the top is mainly to place quilts or thick bedding, pillows, etc.; male functional area, you can hang some suits, shirts, etc., the grid rack can be placed with tie, belt, socks, etc., the pants rack can be folded and folded The trousers, etc.; the female functional area is also designed to place areas similar to women's clothing; while the middle functional area is narrower, but the space is higher, mainly can hang some coats, nightgowns, etc., the bottom can also put hats Category. A dressing mirror can be installed next to it, which is convenient and practical. Therefore, to buy a wardrobe to understand the design features.

The sixth standard: service. Shopping in modern society is a society that emphasizes service. Therefore, in addition to understanding the above major standards, buying wardrobes should also pay attention to services. Including after-sales service, pre-sales, in-sale service, after-sales service specific repair warranty date, some are one year, some two years, three years, etc., but the strength and guarantee of the brand can be seen from the comparison.

Pre-sales, in-sale service, mainly to understand whether the brand is professional, including reception, explanation, etc. If the professional services such as pre-sales and sales are not available, the strength of this brand will be limited, so it is difficult to do Ensure that all other aspects can be done. Buying a wardrobe is not like buying other household items. It is a matter of using it for more than a decade or even a lifetime, so be sure to know more. Some storefront pre-sales and in-sale services are doing very well, but after receiving the money, the after-sales service is not in place. Buying wardrobes is also a branded wardrobe with a good overall service level.

Anomatic Advantages:

· High purity solvent free gases

· Does not change the appearance of the canister. 

· Fully replicates the profile of canisters

· Hydrophobic low surface energy system

· Fully licensed sustainable process 

· Environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint.  

Aluminum anodization is an electrochemical process that enhances the strength, durability, and appearance of aluminum.  When aluminum is oxidized, super-strong oxide (anodic) layers [grow" on the surface of the metal. These new layers are highly resistant to wear and corrosion.

The exacting part to part consistency achieved with our unique anodizing system cannot be obtained with conventional hoist line systems.  Conventional anodizing systems present parts with varied coating thicknesses and voids formed due to air pocketing. 

A consistent uniform 6 µm anodic film thicknesses will protect  certain drug formulations and the canister from degradation.   Heavier film thicknesses of up to 12µm can be provided to meet your more demanding application.

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