This week, the light manufacturing sector rose 1.46% overall, underperforming the broader market by 1.96%. In the sub-industry; forestry furniture, entertainment, light industry, and papermaking rose by 4.64%, 1.88%, and 0.93%, respectively, and the packaging and printing sector remained flat last week.

Industry view; the early rebound was dominated by export recovery, oversold and stock issue, and it did not last. At present, light industrial enterprises are facing rising pressure from labor and raw materials to test the company's competitive strength. Focusing on the development of domestic-oriented enterprises as a research focus, focusing on companies that are increasingly attractive in valuation.

The finished paper market was tracked; the post-holiday trading days were few, and the market did not appear to have a general upward trend in the price of the first two weeks, and the price was basically the same as last week. We believe that if downstream demand continues to recover, the industry's prosperity will gradually pick up.

Copper plate paper; except for the summer sun raised by 50 yuan / ton, other brands maintained last week's offer.

Double-adhesive paper; unchanged from last week, UPM reported at 6500-6600 yuan / ton.

Newsprint; in the North American market, the news paper (30lb) price index was 622.68, and the newsprint (27lb) price index was 663.41, both down slightly by 0.07%. The European newsprint price index was 507.31, which was basically flat last week.

White paper; dimensional stability (such as; 玖龙报 at 5000-5100 yuan / ton).

White cardboard; unchanged from last week (for example; New Poplar reported at 5700-5900 yuan / ton).

FOEX packaging paper; prices of all papers continued to rise slightly this week.

Wood pulp and waste paper market; pulp market maintains stability, waste paper stops falling. The domestic pulp market is mainly stable in the near future, and downstream demand recovery is limited, lacking the momentum to continue to climb upward.

In the waste paper market, the price of waste paper, which has continued to fall sharply in the previous period, has stopped falling this week, indicating a certain sign of stabilization.

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