Pirates of the Caribbean, surf, mermaid makeup, all the…

Since the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" at the Cannes Film Festival, the world's mermaid stylist Astrid Bergs Fresbee has quickly burst into red, and the mermaid makeup is also popular. For a moment, let's go and see together. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 Mermaid Poster -----

How to create a cute pink cheek makeup

I believe that many MMs prefer cute pink cheeks . Many times the method is wrong. It is self-defeating. Here are some ways to introduce you. Cute pink cheek makeup First, the powdery texture of blush is directly scanned on the face 1. Sweep the blush on the cheekbone After mixing the a and b co-----

Halloween Handmade - Ghost Whistle

Halloween Handmade - Ghost Whistle Halloween Handmade - Ghost Whistle The Vibration Platform Machine is a new kind of Fitness Equipment is the world markets . It is a slim Full Body Vibration Machine . It is also called LCD MP3 Music Function Vibration Machine o-----

The magical effect of the comb - health care

Health care, let us fight off the common problem of poor blood and meridian obstruction. Why do you say this? Because urban white-collar workers are busy, stressful, and often sit still, some people even sit for a whole day, but also lack of exercise. Because it maintains a fixed sitting position f-----

Master error correction rescue error makeup

Don't think that your make-up is perfect, seamless, and one or two small mistakes will ruin your one-hour preparation. Makeup masters have collected the 5 most prone to false makeup , telling you to save the wrong makeup. 1 Firefly flashes I can't remember whether it started from the tear-----

Skincare Makeup Creates a New Generation of "Non-a…

This year, everything will happen, I am afraid that you can't think of it. This is not the case. The entertainment actress is once again fighting for the glory. In order to get on the mirror, the maintenance of the Dafa is even more endless. Recently, Liu Xiaoqing brought Japanese doll makeup, -----

Tomato's stick figure (vegetables)

Tomato's stick figure (vegetables) Men's Optical Glasses are carefully designed to wear fashion according to men's quality of life. Nowadays, the fashion elements are integrated into the design. The men's different faces design different frame shapes. Each frame s-----