Simple way of dragon boat

The Eyebrow Brush is a beauty makeup tool that repairs eyebrows. It has a variety of brush heads, various shapes, and different brush heads can have different uses.Eyebrow BrushEyebrow Brush,Brow Brush,Angled Brow Brush,Angled Eyebrow BrushHenan Daxin Cosmetics Co., Lt-----

Embossed Printing Stickers

Embossing The use of embossed printing stickers, printing plate photosensitive resin letterpress, printing labels with the advantages of full ink, but now the difference in the size of the letterpress printing equipment is relatively large, and some are still using the flat press, some use ordina-----

Small details of the design of the men's overall cl…

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] For different genders, the details of the cloakroom are different. For male consumers, the following three details should be paid attention to when designing the cloakroom: [1] One of the details of the shirt board. The shirt is the second layer of the m-----

Recommend several beauty products that deal with the em…

I have heard that listening to music can be a beauty, music can also play a role in beauty, this is true, and the mood will affect the beauty, the skin has a different degree of reaction. Recommend several beauty products that deal with the emotions of autumn skin Emotions have a tipping point.-----

Homemade paper cup lantern

This category is for Foundation Brushes. Each brush features a dense brush head perfect for applying foundation products.  The foundation brush with -----

Teach you a few tricks to make up the steps in the fall

It is about to enter the autumn, and the current cosmetics market is beginning to show autumn products. In many products on the market, the makeup is very hot, so how to make the makeup will become beautiful in the autumn? Now let the 360xh editor share her makeup steps , so that you can easily and-----

The sleek minimalist home of the Greek artist Jota Vogl…

Architects Dayne Milkovich and Jovan Mitrovich built such a townhouse in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, hosted by the Greek artist Jota Voglina. The architect converted the living room on the first floor of the villa into a studio. The second floor is the kitchen and living room. The third floor co-----