The construction of packaging design culture

As a new material form created by human beings, packaging design is a material culture constructed under the influence of various cultures and reflecting certain cultural connotations and socio-cultural characteristics, and is always the influence, restriction and nourishment of various cultural b-----

The role of solvent in gravure printing ink

The solvents we often use in printing inks are alcohols, ketones, esters and aromatic hydrogen solvents. 1, esters. The solubility is good and the smell is easy to accept, but the price is high. Commonly used are ethyl, butyl acetate and so on. 2, alcohols. It is mainly used for alcohol-soluble -----

Application of Water Transfer Printing Process

· Printed ceramic flower paper. Can be used for ceramic tableware, ceramic ware and other daily-use ceramics pattern production, can also be used for waist line, decorative tiles, decorative ceramics and other architectural tiles. · Printed glass paper. Can be used for glass ware, glass bot-----

Narrow flexographic printing applications in the develo…

Flexible packaging products in the flexographic printing market are generally printed on a wide-format flexo printing machine. This is mainly due to the following two reasons: First, the wide-format flexographic printing press has a higher resistance to printing. Can meet the requirements of mass -----

Anti-counterfeiting ink talk

Anti-counterfeiting is a very technical industry. Its market is closely related to technology. The entire market has many subdivided fields. Different commodities and different use environments require different anti-counterfeiting technologies. No anti-counterfeiting technology is applicable to a-----

Gallus EM260/410/510S Series Presses

The features of the series are: The design concept of modular and flat table lays a good foundation in terms of flexibility and combination functions, which provides a safe possibility for the future expansion of the equipment. Servo-driven hybrid flexo and screen printing units, with pre-inserted-----

From excessive packaging to moderate packaging

Packaging is the face of a commodity. It is the medium between the consumer and the commodity. It is also a bridge for consumers to understand the commodity. Good packaging design has extraordinary charisma, which allows consumers to create an image of the company’s products while promoting-----