Superior Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine helps beverage …

A major breakthrough for Sidel's new generation of SBO universalTM blow molding machines is a reduction of up to 20% in the blowing cost of PET bottles compared to SBO Series2 equipment. Sidel's new generation of SBO universalTM Blow Molding Machine condenses the results of three years of-----

Process Control of Quality Control of Printing Products…

Third, the control of printing process With the ideal materials and good printing equipment, we may be able to print good printing products, but it is by no means necessarily able to print good prints. The next most important point is the need for reasonable control of the printing process. (1) -----

UV glazing

A layer of colorless and transparent paint is applied (or sprayed or printed) on the surface of the printed matter to form a thin and uniform transparent bright layer on the surface of the print after being leveled, dried, calendered, and cured to enhance the smoothness of the surface of the suppo-----

How to make it easier to reduce production costs

1 If the shape of the product to be printed is not rectangular, then single or multiple side-by-side arrangements often result in wasted paper. In this case, consider whether it is possible to put two or more products together, sometimes You also need to adjust the position of the paper tray flap -----

The Application of Gravure Gold and Silver Ink and Prob…

With the development of society and the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding the packaging of goods. In some fine products such as cigarette packets and wine labels, gold or silver ink is often printed. Gold and silver inks can exhibit metallic luster, giving people a-----

The Techniques and Key Points of Reproduction (6)

Sixth, black field (dark tone) selection and printing network value setting law 1. The importance of black point selection and setting. The black field setting is defined as the setting of the printed dot value in the darkest part of the image. Shadow tone is an important part of the image model-----

Over-Packaging Hazard and Its Prevention (II)

Third, the prevention of excessive packaging of goods (1) Combining national conditions, learning from foreign experience, and controlling the over-packaging The development of foreign packaging industry is earlier than China. Drawing on the experience and methods of foreign countries, it is bene-----