Zhijiang Wine Investment Small Glass Bottle Packaging P…

In order to further strengthen the Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Industry Cluster with Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Co., Ltd. as its core, Hubei Zhijiang Liquor Industry Group brought together packaging materials and resource recovery related to the “Zhijiang” brand wine brewing industry. The logisti-----

Study on the modeling characteristics of bamboo furnitu…

  Research on the shape characteristics of bamboo furniture (The Study of Structural Characteristics About Bamboo Furniture ) ( Shen Lijuan Zhuzhou, Hunan Central South Forestry College Zip Code: 412006) abstract: The development and development of bamboo furniture ha-----

Research on Gluing Process of Glulam

Glulam, also known as glulam, is a material in which the plate or square is assembled in parallel fiber direction and glued in the length, width or thickness direction. It not only has the characteristics of natural wood, but also overcomes the natural wood. It is easy to warp,-----

Solid wood flooring purchase method

At present, in the decorative materials market, the variety of floor coverings can be described as numerous, among which the solid wood flooring is favored by consumers because of its high quality and high grade. Here, you can introduce some methods of purchasing solid wood flo-----

Bangladesh: Industrialization of waste plastic bottle p…

In Bangladesh, some people with difficult life have been relying on the recycling of used plastic bottles to make a living. It is not expected that these plastic bottles will not only solve their livelihoods, but will even gradually promote an export-oriented industry with a huge value. In many p-----

Plastic bottle screen printing technology question and …

With the market's increasingly personalized requirements for packaging appearance, silk screen printing has been widely used in the plastic bottle field. This site has collected some information related to silk screen printing technology for plastic bottles. We hope that we can help more! A q-----

The quality of online shopping toys is worrying.

The soft toy bought online by the newspaper , the stuffing is actually "black heart cotton", which makes the consumer Ms. Xu surprised. The reporter learned from the Consumers Association yesterday that there are serious quality problems and safety hazards in online shopping toys. Consumer-----