Hygiene and Solution for Compound Adhesives

With the continuous development of modern retail modes and people's increasing demand for convenient, beautiful, and economical packaged foods, composite flexible packaging has become the main packaging method for packaged foods, and its growth rate has greatly surpassed that of other packagin-----

UV flower paper cover oil / varnish

The UV-138N cover oil recently launched by Hangzhou Kewang Special Ink Co., Ltd. is a light yellow transparent oil. Compared with the common volatile drying cover oil, UV light quickly cures at low temperature, has a small odor, does not clog, and does not contain volatile. Organic solvents, no po-----

The positive effect of color marketing on commodities

In today's fierce competition for products, the quality of products is important, and the packaging of products is an indispensable part. Our philosophy is to reduce costs and increase visual effects. When people feel the space environment, they first pay attention to color, and then they pay -----

Special printing technology and consumables

In today's era of personalized consumption, how large are the "stages" provided by special printing technologies and consumables, and how big the "play" of personalized printing can be. In recent years, with the advancement of printing-related science and technology and the-----

Detailed printing art paper

Art Paper Classification With the development of the packaging and printing industry, the demand for specialty papers in the domestic market is increasing. Specialty paper has become one of the most important products in paper products. Its variety has become more and more numerous, and the scope-----

Offset plate with dirty fault

Dirty offset printing is one of the common faults in printing. During the production process, we must conduct a specific analysis according to the signs and parts of the layout with dirt, find the cause of the fault, and take effective measures to prevent and solve. In general, offset printing pla-----

Metal (gold, silver) offset ink structure

A: Gold (or silver) ink supplied on the market will be supplied separately from gold powder (or silver paste) and linking material (transfer oil or silver oil), and will be prepared by the printing house itself. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have made it available in a mixed state a-----