Product barcode anti-counterfeiting label solution

Counterfeit products have caused serious losses to countries, businesses and consumers. Fighting is the protection of the interests of countries, enterprises, and consumers. It is an inevitable requirement for legitimate and orderly competition. If a brand name product does not use effective anti------

New Spring furniture purchase Raiders

Panel furniture â–² â–² high quality and low price occupy the absolute mainstream When buying furniture, some people think that the panel furniture is not durable. Some people will say that the panel furniture is not environmentally friendly. However, in the furniture-----

Subsequent investigation of unqualified beer bottles

Dong Jinshi, general secretary of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that traditional beer glass packaging containers have problems such as heavy self-worth, easy to damage, high transportation costs, and poor secondary processing performance. Yesterday, the reporter learned-----

Choosing solid wood furniture requires three considerat…

"Solid wood" furniture is not all made of pure solid wood Many people think that solid wood furniture is furniture made entirely of solid wood, but it is not. According to Yang Wenqiang, director of the research and development department of Baiqiang Furniture, the -----

Plastic bottle container for microwave ovens

All kinds of plastic bottle containers and appliances have hidden safety problems, especially pay attention to the following points: (1) Avoid the use of plastic bottles for food and kitchen utensils produced by informal manufacturers. There are many inexpensive plastic bottle products on the ma-----

Remote control toy car on the road and the real car

Can the toy remote control car go on the road, if not, how can it be punished? The traffic control department said that there is no relevant penalty basis for the toy racing car and the real car to grab the runway. But as long as there are traffic hazards, the traffic police will have to manage it.-----

Japanese beverage bottle design omni-directional analys…

Japan's packaging design is not only the use of color, the mutual relationship of color, more can be expressed through the special design of the form, material, and graphics of the bottle. Can easily associate the taste of food. Nihon Kirin launched two types of tea drinks last year and this y-----