3D printing seed teeth save half a year

A dental implant is tens of thousands of dollars, but if there are requirements for materials, such as gold teeth and palladium teeth, the cost will be more expensive. Fortunately, the current local tyrants have not appeared after the launch of the Digital Medical Oral Center in Guangyu Dental. Th-----

Maintenance of rattan furniture

Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in the world. A long time ago people used vines to make a variety of furniture: tables, chairs, beds and storage cabinets, etc. by cutting the cane into a very thin and flat Rattan, weaving it into various patterns for the back of the chair, the cabin-----

Ingeniously create a home atmosphere

The selection of lamps and lanterns in the final stage of the home improvement process is also something that many people tend to overlook. Some people will arrange their favorite lamps indoors, which leads to chaotic layout and light use; some people only install a lamp for saving, the spa-----

3D print shock absorbers are perfectly tailored for you…

Shock absorbers are mechanical devices that are quite common, important, and often overlooked. They rely primarily on converting kinetic energy into another form of energy (usually heat) to absorb shock. Shock absorbers are widely used in a variety of mechanical devices and equipment-----

Beverage bottle waste cardboard making rocket model

Beverage bottle waste cardboard making rocket model Handmade materials: beverage bottles, waste cardboard, utility knives, rulers Human Acupuncture Model Highly illustrated and detailed, these two colorful models depict 14 Primary channels, 361 acupoints and 48 extr-----

Kindergarten information flower coloring map

Big picture of flowers Knurled Nut Brass knurled insert Made of brass material, good thermal conductivity and heat resistance. Widely Used On the Molding for Tightly Fixing. Can be installed by ultrasonic or heat into thread tapered hole, or molded in-----

Why are girls in fitness poor? Seconds understand!

Fitness girls make friends without paying attention to others; Anyway, they are not poor; Fitness girls always cry poorly; Not being sentimental but really poor; As for how a poor law... you will know when you see it! First of all, They have to do a fitness card. If -----