Heidelberg PrintOpen Color Management Software Applicat…

In 1993, the International Color Consortium (ICC) developed a set of image resource standards to eliminate subjective factors and ensure as much as possible predictable and repeatable color reproduction. One of the focuses of these standards is the characterization of color, which, as Cassino sai-----

Screen printing ink status quo and market development t…

3. The huge market potential of screen printing water-based inks and electron beam radiation curing inks Screen printing water-based ink, also known as screen printing water-based ink, English name is water base screen printing ink. As its name suggests, water-based inks are water-based ink syste-----

Looking at China's silk screen printing ink develop…

Third, PCB ink market analysis 1. PCB ink prices continue to decline With the rise of China’s PCB status in the world, domestic PCB prices have been continuously reduced by 4 to 5 times in recent years, and SMEs have been the most affected. In the context of falling PCB prices, the raw ma-----

Standard Finishing Systems Launches Automatic Folding M…

Standard Finishing Systems, Inc. introduced the new Standard Horizon AFC-546AKT floor-standing folding machine, which features automated presetting through a touch-screen control panel that displays folding gauges and sheet sizes. Up to 100 job setting parameters can be stored in the control panel-----

CD UV printing process

Multi-color screen printers using solvent-based inks have not been successfully accepted by the market. We cannot tolerate a high-speed machine that always stops to wipe the blocked mesh. This creates many potential problems: Production The efficiency is seriously affected, the color of the disc i-----

Silk screen printing defects analysis - exposed

3. The exposed bottom (dry version) The pattern on the fabric did not get enough color paste, the color was light and unclear, and the phenomenon that the bottom color of the fabric or the fine pattern was broken appeared as the exposed bottom. Reasons: (1) Due to the deformation of the plate, t-----

Other ways of disc printing

CD printing other ways With the renewal of technology, more and more new printing technologies continue to infiltrate into the printing of optical discs. At present, digital printing, flexo printing, etc. are gradually being applied to optical disc printing, together with previously used stickers-----