Effect and Control of Offset Fountain Solution (Chinese…

Third, fountain solution control There are three aspects to the control of the fountain solution: 1. The pH of the fountain solution is controlled. 2, fountain solution dosage control. 3, fountain solution concentration control. (A) Fountain solution PH value control The pH value indicates th-----

Laser Technology in Printing Platemaking

Laser is a new discipline and high technology. Since its birth in the early 60s of the 20th century, lasers have attracted the attention of all countries in the world and developed rapidly. The application scope of lasers has been continuously expanded, and profound changes have taken place in man-----

Improve water resistance and washability of aqueous pri…

Crosslinker SC-100 is a 100% active content polyfunctional aziridine crosslinker. According to the addition of 1-3% water-based acrylic emulsion or polyurethane dispersion, its water resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and adhesion on special substrates have been significa-----

Intkov: tube production line

Hinterkopf (Hinterkopf) develops and manufactures and sells machines and fully automated production lines for the production of aluminum hoses, aluminum hard cans, plastic hoses and plastic tubes in the world. Machines manufactured by the Int. Cove Company include adhesive printing machines, scre-----

Ion deposition printing technology uses and advantages

Ion deposition printing technology is a high-speed, high-quality, pressureless printing technology used to print a variety of data on labels and trademarks—serial numbers and codes. This ion-pumped pressureless printing device is integrated with a standard narrow-web label printing machine -----

Color Mesh Screen Production and Printing

[Screen Edition] Choose a special yellow mesh or do not attract wire mesh; make a color tone silk screen plate, you must be careful to handle small dots. You must dry out fine dots on the screen. The best choice is direct photosensitive coating. The coating should be uniform and smooth. Otherwise-----

Crystal plastic decoration signs production (below)

Three crystal plastic drop process 1. Choose the right dispensing platform. Place the product to be dropped on the platform. If the object is a screw or shaped product, special fixtures should be made to ensure the flatness of the dispensing surface. 2. Selection of rubber and glue. Should be ba-----