The property market is in a downturn, the house is sold less, and the number of people who buy furniture and house will be reduced accordingly. As the real estate industry continues to be in the downward channel, as a downstream home, home improvement and other industries have also been implicated in varying degrees. In particular, the household industry has been affected significantly, and even home furnishers have complained: sales have fallen by 50% over the same period.

Home: sales minus half of the business

As the day heats up, the home market is in a state of freezing. In this regard, many businesses take preferential promotions to stimulate consumption.

"Buy furniture, buy wooden doors to send decoration", Fuye home Heze shop to play such a promotional language. Mr. Wan, the person in charge of Fuye Home Heze, admits that the home industry is affected by the downturn in the property market. Especially since March this year, sales have declined significantly, down about 30% from the same period last year.

In response to the market downturn, they issued a "buy furniture to send decoration" offer. According to Mr. Wan, they will design and construct for customers free of charge, and this kind of promotion has never been seen before. "Since 2006, Fuye Home has never taken discounts and other promotional methods, this is the first time." Mr. Wan said.

Some home businesses have taken discounts. When talking about the impact of the property market downturn on the home furnishing industry, Mr. Zhang, the head of Gujia Home Heze Store, bluntly said: “The impact is too great, and the sales volume has been reduced by half.” To this end, they have adopted discount sales to stimulate consumption. “Now can hit 7 Fold." Mr. Zhang introduced that the discount rate of peers is 6 to 8 fold.

Home improvement: the impact of small business volume is slightly reduced

As the downstream of the real estate industry, the home improvement industry is not affected. Industry insiders admitted that they were affected, but the business volume did not drop significantly.

The peak of the industry has been decorated for 13 years in Heze. Mr. Shen, the design manager, said that although the real estate industry as a whole is in the downtrend channel, the impact of the home improvement industry is not obvious. “The impact will definitely be there, but the business volume has not changed much before.” Mr. Shen analyzed that the reason for the small impact of the home improvement industry is related to the stock of the house that was just needed and the citizens started.

As the impact is not obvious, each home improvement company has not taken corresponding measures. Mr. Feng, the person in charge of urban decoration in Heze last June, said that they mainly rely on ideas and services to win. “Even if the downturn in the property market affected the home improvement industry, we did not take preferential measures.”

Similarly, Mr. Shen, the leader of the industry, said that they did not take any preferential measures. "It's better to do it than to ask for a discount, and it's better to do it." Despite this, the company will hold a Thanksgiving celebration in the near future. The discount is not small. Insiders analyzed, in fact, this is not unrelated to the current home improvement industry market.

Strategy: Prepare for your stay

In a bad market, some people make money. Zheng Zichang, president of Heze City Furniture Industry Association and chairman of Integrity Furniture Group, pointed out that in the market downturn, enterprises must take corresponding measures in addition to persistence.

"In response to industry conditions, we have increased the development of product styles, and the variety of high-end and popular products has been continuously enriched to attract consumers at different levels and win the market." Although the industry is in the doldrums, Zheng Zichang is still ambitious, he also intends Open more outlets, “Let consumers buy furniture at their doorsteps”.

The industry believes that although the real estate industry is sluggish, as a downstream home and other enterprises, no matter how the national policy changes, the demand is rigid. When the market is not good, it is important to stick to it.

“Prepare more defensive measures in the early stage, such as ensuring sufficient cash flow and providing better products and services. This is like preparing more food and cotton coats, at least not to be frozen.” An industry insider Say.

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