The cabinets are simple and generous, offering a wide range of use areas and large storage spaces. It is possible to fully improve the difficulty in turning the storage of the narrow kitchen. All cabinets can be freely combined and customized according to actual needs. The main board is a high-pressure beautiful board that has been specially treated to make it durable and easy to clean. At the same time, there are four fresh colors available. If you want to make the console more versatile, you can buy some accessories such as wall hooks and tool holders. The price of this cabinet is calculated according to the cabinet, hardware, basket, hydraulic rod and glass panel are included. Currently, during the promotion period, the price is moderate. Interested friends can consult the various cabinets of the moon rabbit cabinet.

This evaluation product: Moon rabbit cabinet high pressure beautiful board YT0963

The cabinets are sleek and elegant, with clear lines and a modern minimalist style. The store arranged them in a straight line to highlight the extension of their lines. Some consumers may worry that the size of the cabinet is not matched with the size of their own kitchen. In fact, the cabinet part of this cabinet can be disassembled and selected, and the design will also try to match the size.

Pull the basket

The cabinet is not easy to use, and the internal reasonable partition can reflect the sense of design. The partitions in the cabinet cabinet can help to arrange a variety of different utensils and tools. The cabinets of different heights can be placed in a variety of pots to say goodbye to chaos. Some consumers are accustomed to storing large barrels of cooking oil in the kitchen, but they are not able to plug into the kitchen cabinet. However, the partition of this cabinet can be adjusted to 4 heights, so don't underestimate the small brackets and scale points, maybe you can dissolve the storage.

Water plug strip design

The length and width ratio of the sink is good, even a petite girl will not exceed her washing operation radius. There is plenty of space at the bottom of the sink. It is more than enough to place the garbage can. However, Xiao Bian suggested that the bottom of the sink should not be stacked too crowded.

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