1, letterpress printing

Letterpress printing is a type of printing that is printed in relief. The letterpress printing can adhere to a thick ink due to the raised image, and the ink is pressed into the pores of the paper with a large pressure (30KG/CM2) during printing, so that the embossed product has a clear outline and strong strokes. The characteristics of bright ink, suitable for printed text-based print.

2, gravure printing

Gravure printing is a printing method that uses gravure printing. Gravure-printed products, thick ink line thick and protruding and shiny; fine lines, although fine as hair, still clearly distinguish. Its characteristics are clear lines, fine aesthetics, color and durability, not easy to imitate, and more for the printing of securities. Photogravure is highly expressive for secret tone levels and is suitable for printing high-quality color prints. It is suitable for printing and packaging plastic films because it uses thin, easy-to-dry organic solvent inks. General gravure printing can print 500,000 prints, such as chrome plating on copper intaglio plates, with a print rate of up to 5 million prints.

3, lithography

Lithography is a printing method that uses lithographic printing. Traditional lithography adopts the principle of oil-water repulsion, which imparts different physical and chemical properties to the graphic and blank sections that are basically in the same plane, so that the graphic part is hydrophobic and water-repellent, and the blank parts are hydrophilic and oil-repellent. When printing, first apply water to the layout and then apply ink to make the image partially ink and transfer the image to the paper. Lithographic plate making is easy, plate material is light, and plate printing is fast. It can produce large-scale color prints with good quality and overprinting accuracy. It is especially suitable for printing products with pictures and texts.

4, hole printing

Stencil printing is a printing method applied with a stencil. In stencil printing, ink is missing through the hole in the image to reach the substrate, so the biggest feature is that the ink layer is thick, the image is raised, and there is a three-dimensional relief. Screen printing accounts for more than 98% of the stencil printing and becomes a representative of stencil printing. Screen printing is suitable for the printing of trademarks, advertisements, books and glass, ceramics and other surface fragile products.

PP is polypropene, is a thermoplastic polymer used in many propose and many structures to contain products. It can be laboratory equipment, automotive components, and medical devices. It is a white and resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. It is the wolrd`s second-most widely produced synthetic plastic.

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