Paint-free doors, as the name suggests, are the surfaces of door and door covers that are not painted with paint, but with other facing materials. According to the finishing materials, the paint-free doors on the market can be divided into three categories. One type is melamine finish, just like the decorative material of panel furniture or cabinet cabinet. A layer of printed paper is impregnated with melamine and hot pressed on the door substrate. This type of door can't be complicated. Can be flat or metal strips. The second type is the blister finish. Just like the blister door of the cabinet, the pattern is first milled on the door panel of the MDF, and a thin layer of plastic skin is coated on the MDF with a blister machine. Surface, this type of door can be used for flat or milled. The third category is plastic panel finishes, which are much thicker than the previously mentioned blister, usually a few millimeters. This plastic panel can be pressed into a variety of shapes, somewhat similar to molded doors, but molded The door is a door skin pressed with a MDF, and the exterior is painted.

Because of the inability to make bumps, melamine-finished paint-free doors are rarely available on the market, but this paint-free finish has the best visual effect. Some of the doors that have been milled in the market also claim to use melamine finishes, which are actually pretending to be blistering, because melamine simply cannot be pressed out of the embossed shape.

The number of paint-free doors for blister finishes is the highest, but the workmanship is uneven. The quality of the blister-free paint door is mainly determined from two aspects, one is the flatness of the surface, and the other is the closing of the door.

If you look closely, the general plastic door is not very smooth, but has a convex granule, just like there is a smear on the surface before the plastic cover, and it is sealed between the plastic and the MDF when blistering. of. These particles are more pronounced in the milled grooves. By comparing the smoothness of the door surface, we can see the process level of the factory and the quality of the substrate (density plate) and plastic skin used. The better the quality of the blister machine, the flatter the density plate and the thicker the plastic skin, the more likely the particle is. small. At present, the blister-free paint-free doors on the market are generally not well done in terms of flatness.

The closing of the door is generally divided into three types, aluminum alloy seaming, PVC edge sealing, and MDF blister sealing. The first two methods are the same as the seaming principle of the cabinet, but they are used less in the paint-free door. Among them, the aluminum alloy is hand-processed, and its quality mainly depends on the tightness of the 45-degree seam; the PVC edge-sealing is divided into manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic, which can be roughly judged from the seam of the edge seal, and the seam is narrow and uniform. It is better; the MDF blister seam is the most used type of edge-sealing for the paint-free door, that is, a blister density slat is used as the edge banding and is glued to the sides of the door. Thick, and the seam between the edge banding and the door leaf is large, not beautiful. MDF blister sealing is divided into flat sealing and dovetail sealing. Flat sealing is the plane between the edge band and the door. It is mostly hand-applied with adhesive. It is easy for a long time. Separation; the dovetail slot edge is the edge banding and the door panel are shaped, the two are stuck together, relatively strong. Generally speaking, except for the aluminum alloy edge seal, which is sealed on the upper, lower, left and right sides, the other seams are basically only the left and right sides. The merchant’s statement is to leave the upper and lower sides to breathe the door and prevent deformation. In fact, there are also cost savings. intention. I think that in terms of edge sealing, the fully automatic PVC seaming edge is better than the dovetail slot MDF blister seam than the flat mouth MDF blister seam. As for the aluminum alloy, it is mainly from the appearance, there is nothing in practicality. Comparability.

Paint-free doors with plastic panel finishes also have a considerable share in the market, but when you look at the sidelights, you will find that the flatness of the door panels is not good, and the door panels are unevenly reflected. At first glance, they are made of plastic material and feel rough. Moreover, this plastic plate can be completely glued on, instead of having a special machine like melamine or blister, it feels more biased to the hand workshop, although some manufacturers also claim to be machine pressure, but it is difficult Resolve.

The internal structure of the paint-free door is similar, basically the keel is made of pine or fir, and a layer of MDF is attached to each side, and then the paint-free finish is attached to the MDF. Common keel materials are white pine, red pine, pine, and fir. Merchants often say that they are good and devalue other materials. In fact, these kinds of wood are similar in performance and price. They belong to wood with soft texture and not easy to be deformed. Therefore, it does not make much sense to study which kind of wood is used as the keel in the door. However, it is worth noting that, for example, fir is also used, some are made of Chinese fir, and some are made of Chinese fir. The composite material has better deformation resistance and higher price. Therefore, whether or not to use the laminated material can be used as an element to judge the quality of the door. . The quality of the MDF is also very important. The surface of the good MDF is flat and the formaldehyde content is small. However, it is difficult to visually judge the quality of the MDF by the naked eye. Only the nails can be used, and the denser the better. Another material that can be compared in the door material is the filler material, which is usually filled with wood or particleboard trim between the keels. The more the filler material, the heavier the insulation, the better the sound insulation performance. Therefore, the weight of the door leaf can be used as an auxiliary method to judge the quality of the door.

The door of the paint-free door has two forms, one is a large core substrate, and the panel is glued with a universal glue; the other is a fixed door cover similar to a solid wood composite door with styrofoam. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are fixed more firmly with large core plates. However, the use of universal adhesive on-site adhesive panels will be suspected of being environmentally unfriendly and the potential for future rubber opening. The door covers fixed with styrofoam are not as strong as large core plates. However, this method is widely used in the finished door, and there should be no big problem.

Many merchants say that paint-free is environmentally friendly, but it is not. Although there is no paint in the paint door, the glue used in the substrate and the glue used in the pasting materials are important factors affecting the environmental protection level.

Said a lot, it is about the door itself. But the door is doing a good job, and measuring and installing it is not good. When measuring the door, it is best to have the owner, the door surveyor, and the decoration team present, communicate and review the size of the door before placing the order. Especially for those who need to add thresholds or involve the intersection with the tiles, there must be a carpentry or bricklayer in the renovation team. In addition, what material is to be laid on the ground before the door is measured, and the thickness of the floor material must be determined in order to leave a gap when producing the door.

The installation of the door is also an important aspect of the selection of the door. However, it is difficult to determine the level of installation through the inspection of the building materials city. The most effective way is to search for relevant owner comments on the Internet. The probability of a good manufacturer (or distributor) having a problem with installation is relatively small. At the same time, the installation of the door is also divided into factory installation and dealer installation. This is similar to the floor. If there are conditions, try to choose the manufacturer to install. Although some manufacturers also outsource the installation to the foreman, it is still relatively Be binding.

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