Spring color, how can the lip color dim? Retro and fresh, seemingly contradictory trends meet in this spring and summer. As a result, the winner is not the retro red lips, but also the pure and pure nude color, but between the two, showing a bright pink, matte but shiny luster. , coral red, rose red, etc., became the most in the lip makeup color of the season.


RooneyMara Rooney Mara

RooneyMara Rooney Mara

The dragon tattoo girl Rooney Mara, with the retro style of Qi Liu + thick eyebrows and red lips, appeared in the 84th Oscar red carpet, rose red lips became the focus of the entire facial makeup. The white lace deep V dress is simple and elegant, diluting the sense of the retro style, and even reveals the style of Audrey Hepburn.

Michelle Williams Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams Michelle Williams

As the heroine of the movie "MyWeekwithMarilyn", even with a neat short hair, Michelle Williams can reproduce the style of sexy goddess with plump red lips. The pink watermelon red dress is echoing with the lip color, and in the retro style of Monroe, it shows a fresh goddess fan.

T station



The cherry red lip makeup is paired with lustrous brown long hair, which is exquisite and delicate. Plump red lips become the focus of the entire makeup, who said that only the bumpy body can show the female enchanting?



Orange is destined to be hot in the spring and summer of 2012. The "Tango Orange", which was just named as the 2012 popular color by the international color authority Pantone, shines in Thakoon's show. This warm and lively color is especially suitable for the spring and summer season. With a beautiful and elegant look, it is a stunning beauty.




Senior beauty

Each person's lip color is different, and the color of different lipsticks is different. Therefore, you must not think that the color of the lipstick itself is the makeup effect after the application. It is recommended to use a lip balm to polish the lip before using the lip balm, or to adjust the color of the lip itself by using a lipstick close to the nude color, and then apply the colored lipstick to make the color rendering more accurate.

The glossy "beep lips" are not so popular this season. After applying the lipstick, you can use the colorless lip gloss to brighten the area and highlight the three-dimensional effect.

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