In the current situation of increasing raw material prices such as wheat bran and corn cob, some mushroom farmers have succeeded in growing low-priced waste paper for cultivation of oyster mushrooms. Each ton of waste paper can produce 800-1400 kg of oyster mushrooms.

First, the ratio of raw materials: waste box paper 90%, 6% wheat bran, lime 1%, 3% of plant ash.

Second, the raw material processing: The waste paper box was opened, exposed to the sun in the sun for 2-3 days, it will be processed into 8-10 square centimeters of pieces.

Third, disinfection and sterilization: the treated waste paper into the spice pool, sprinkle with wheat bran, grass ash, quicklime on the surface, poured into boiling water at a temperature of 95 °C -100 °C, the material is fully mixed and removed , And drain water to reduce its moisture content to 60%.

Fourth, stir in the bacteria: first put the culture material into the sterile pond, and then crushed into the size of the cotton shell strains mix into the culture material, the amount of bacteria to 10% is appropriate. Mix well and put it into a special plastic cultivation bag. To prevent bacterial contamination, 0.1% carbendazim can be added at the time of sowing.

V. Cultivation management: After the inoculated cultivation bags are stacked in the room at 18°C-30°C, generally 4-5 layers are suitable. After 20 days, if the mycelium in the bag is full, one or both ends of the plastic bag can be opened, and the light can be taken care of to strengthen the air circulation. Spray water 1-2 times a day so that the temperature of the bag is maintained at 15°C-20°C. After 7-8 days, Pleurotus ostreatus begins to grow, and then a batch of mushrooms can be harvested every 10 days.

After harvesting, 50 ml of a 0.2% white sugar solution and 50 ml of a 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution were injected into the plastic bag with a syringe. With this method, 1-2 batches of mushrooms can generally be used, and the yield can be increased by 15%-20%.

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