When Shenzhen Shanyou Peng Hui swallowed a cold medicine, she told reporters that although she hadn’t had a cold since entering the base camp, she had eaten seven or eight kinds of medicines to prevent and treat colds and altitude sickness every day.

At the base camp, the reporter found that the phenomenon of mountain friends frantically taking cold medicine and preventing altitude sickness was commonplace. Some mountain friends will eat ten kinds of drugs such as cold granules, kangkang, aspirin, rhodiola, glucose oral liquid and various vitamins in less than half an hour. When asked about them, most of them did not have any flu symptoms. They just said that taking these medicines can prevent colds and physical discomfort, and they can also eliminate nervousness.

In this regard, with the Tibet Mountaineering Working Group into the base camp of the Lhasa City People's Hospital internal medicine doctor Qiong Na said that if there is a slight cold symptoms, immediately targeted one or two kinds of cold medicine is very useful. If you have a cold, generally even taking a lot of cold medicine will not help, you should stop climbing activities immediately, go down to the hospital for treatment, otherwise it may cause severe symptoms such as pneumonia, emphysema.

For the Shanyou without any symptoms of colds, Dr. Qiongna does not advocate taking cold medicine. Because most of the cold medicines contain medicinal ingredients that have anesthetic effects on the human nerves, people will feel fatigued and fatigued after taking them, and they will have a negative effect on metabolism, which is not conducive to participating in mountaineering activities. As for medicines or health products that prevent altitude sickness, it is not advisable to take them in excess, especially if you have other chronic diseases.

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