The environmental protection color coating new technology developed by Beijing Zhongyi Jiayuan Electronics Co., Ltd. in August 2003 overcomes the long-standing domestic and foreign problems of coloring on various materials.
This technology can make a variety of products appreciate. Recyclable resources such as wood chips (sawdust) or rice straw, which are made from discarded plastic bags, are internationally recognized as environmentally-friendly products that can be used to make public facilities such as seats, furniture, interior partitions, luggage racks, trash cans, etc. Materials, but the surface coloring of the above products has not been resolved at home and abroad. The environmental protection color coating new technology developed by Zhongyi Jiayuan Company overcomes this problem and fills the blank of this technology. It is unique in technology and can be used to make various patterns of wood grain, stone, cloth, flowers and birds. Products are widely used to provide a variety of ways.
In addition to the above-mentioned renewable resources products, the materials that can be applied to complex surface coatings include chemically synthesized materials, metal materials, wood, glass, etc. The application fields include construction, manufacturing, industry, commerce, decoration, etc., and can be processed. There are decorative building materials, high-end automotive interiors, plastic doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, refrigerator enclosures, indoor air conditioners and Other enclosures.
This technology uses a true color texture to be polymerized onto the material to make it look real, without fading, anti-aging, scrubbing, acid and alkali resistance, and corrosion resistance.
At present, this technology has attracted the attention of international related industries, and businesses such as the United States and Canada have started to contact Zhongyijiayuan Company to negotiate orders.

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