The Chiba University Faculty of Engineering successfully developed a low-percent dielectric polyimide photosensitive resin. Photosensitive materials require high photosensitivity and high heat resistance materials, and are expected to have a low dielectric constant.
The polyimide resin made this time is designed to have a molecular space of 10 nanometers. Generally, the polyimide has a high dielectric rate, but the dielectric constant of air is as small as 1 if possible. Polyelectrolyte dwarf resin can be made porous as much as possible to reduce the dielectric constant.
Photopolymers have the characteristics of excellent recording materials for Hologram. It is easy to coat thin films of several micrometers thick on glass plates or plastic sheets, and it is expected to be applied to optical components such as three-dimensional displays and interference filters. The Hologram chips that can be used in printing technology, have trusted functions and security, and use Hologram's next-generation optical recording materials are highly valued businesses.
The research group added a foaming agent to polyimide polymerization to obtain a hollow polymer, which is a photopolymer with a low dielectric constant.


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