The development of the packaging industry today is no longer a simple decoration of the product, no longer an accessory of the product, it is already part of the product. It can even be said that it is a product, a special kind of indirect product. This indirect product not only has the effect of decorating, protecting and explaining the product to the direct product, but also plays a significant promotion effect. As an industry, as an important part of China's national economy, the development of the packaging industry is changing with each passing day, and has made great contributions to China's economic construction. As for the future development of the packaging industry, I think the outlook is bright, and it will mainly develop in the following directions:
First, green packaging will play an increasingly important role
Green environmental protection packaging refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled and recycled, and can maintain continuous development. It mainly consists of paper, biodegradable plastics, glass and aluminum foil. Environmental protection is a global issue. Although the packaging industry is not the most polluting industry, pollution caused by discarded product packaging cannot be ignored. The most prominent is "white pollution." To this end, the country has introduced corresponding laws and regulations to control white pollution, and the state also encourages enterprises to develop and use green packaging technologies. The United States and Europe are one step ahead of us in this regard. In 1999, Europe drafted a decree that stipulated environmental protection and packaging as follows:
1, the packaging material should be as small as possible, the volume should be as small as possible.
2, for the second use of packaging materials, if possible, to be used repeatedly.
3, require packaging to generate new value, through the recycling of the product packaging, the formation of new packaging materials or converted to other resources.
In addition, many developed countries have also determined that packaging should meet the "4R+1D" principle, namely low consumption, development of new green materials, reuse, recycling and degradability.
Packaging companies all over the world have also recognized this problem and have launched environmentally friendly new packaging technologies and products. The Swedish invented the Tetra Bray aseptic carton pack. Juices and beverages packed in such carton packs can be kept fresh for more than six months without refrigeration, and the cartons can be recycled and reused, which not only protects the environment but also saves a lot of wood. China also built a paper food packaging container production line in Shenyang. The raw materials used are mainly natural plant fibers such as wheat straw, reed, and bagasse. The product is not only waterproof, oil-proof, easy to apply, and inexpensive, but also non-polluting and recyclable. Biodegradable plastics are a promising new green packaging material. The degradation methods mainly include photodegradation, photo/biodegradation, light/oxygen/biodegradation, disintegrative biodegradation, and complete biodegradation. At present, research and development of fully biodegradable plastics are the most active in the world.
China has also made remarkable achievements in this regard, and has published national standards for the test methods for the degradable performance of disposable biodegradable tableware. At the same time, there are products available on the market. In terms of the popularity of biodegradable tableware, despite the gains, the penetration rate is not high. In many places in China, the use of disposable foam plastic tableware is forbidden. However, the effect is not obvious, and even repeated prohibitions. The reason is not that people do not care about environmental protection, but mainly because the price of biodegradable plastic tableware is too high, so many people are reluctant to use it. If the manufacturer can make a breakthrough in price and quality, its promotion speed should be very fast. (To be continued)

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