One example is to establish a correct concept of commodity packaging, it is necessary to prevent the "gold and jade, which is riddled with" the phenomenon, but also should prevent the "gold and jade, and defeated" behavior. If you use the "embroidered pillow" method to deceive customers, then in the end it is "lifting your own feet." For those who have this idea, please remember the advice of the marketing experts: "One bite by the snake, ten years are afraid of the rope", "The last time the customer will not be the second time, at the same time, the customer will be dutiful. 11 acquaintances said bad things about the product; satisfied customers would only say good things about the product to 3 people.” The expedient strain First, the package should be different depending on the purpose of the product itself. The famous French perfume industry has a famous saying: "The beautifully designed perfume bottle is the best salesman of perfume." The French perfume is divided into five fragrance types, each perfume with different fragrance, and its packaging bottles have different shapes. If there is a fragrance for men and women whose flavor is similar to forest and wood, its packaging bottle is designed to be tall and tall like a tree, and it is also equipped with an original thin strip carton that can be reminiscent of wood; another is called "Alpine". The perfume, the packaging bottle was designed to rotate to ascend style. These unique and imaginative packaging can naturally stimulate the desire of customers to buy.
The second is that packaging should be different depending on the sales method. If your products are sold in supermarkets, chain stores, and convenience stores that are sold on shelves, and the customers pick them from the shelves themselves, then the following two aspects should be taken into account: First, packaging should be attractive. Let the customer pay attention to it when passing by the shelf, want to take it from the shelf and take a look; second, because no one sales, so the product specification must allow the customer to understand at a glance, can read to use, otherwise , Customers can not understand how to use, which dare to buy?
Third, the packaging should be commensurate with the value of the goods. It is based on the value of the product is divided into three levels of high, medium and low design, use packaging materials and packaging and decoration to match the value to meet consumer needs of different levels of consumption. We advocate proper packaging of goods, oppose over-packaging, and oppose large commodity packaging. Appropriate packaging can reflect the value of goods and will greatly increase the added value of the goods. Psychological strategies Consumers' different preferences for product packaging have a direct impact on their purchasing behavior. Over time, an inertial buying psychology will also form. Therefore, in the aspect of product packaging design, volume, weight, color, pattern, etc., we should strive to be consistent with the consumer's personality psychology, obtain the coordination of packaging and commodities in the mood, so that consumers in certain images to understand the characteristics of the goods . For example, women's products should be soft and elegant, elegant and unique, artistic and epidemic.
Men's packaging should be vigorous and rugged, bold and unrestrained, highlighting practicality and science; children's products should be vivid and vivid, colorful, highlighting interest and knowledge, to induce children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge; Youth supplies packaging to be beautiful , New and unique, outstanding epidemic and novelty, in order to meet young people seeking new psychology and seeking different psychology; old product packaging should be simple and dignified, safe and convenient, outstanding practicality and tradition, try to meet the old people's realistic psychology and habits . The clever use of color in the design of commodity packaging, the use of color is very important, because different colors can cause people's different visual reactions, resulting in different psychological activities. For example, black, red, and orange give people a heavy feeling, green and blue give people a light feeling, so clunky items are packaged in light colors that make people feel lightweight and generous; light-weight items are made of thick colors. The packaging gives a feeling of dignity and solidity.
The American Color Research Center once conducted a test. The researchers packed cooked coffee in red, yellow, and green coffee cups, allowing more than a dozen people to compare. As a result, the tasters agreed that the taste of coffee is different - the taste of coffee in a green cup, the taste of coffee in a red cup, and the smell of coffee in a yellow cup. Based on the series of experiments, the experts concluded that the color of the packaging can influence the perception of the product. The medicines are suitable for packaging with white-based text patterns, indicating clean, hygienic, and reliable curative effects; cosmetics are suitable for packaging in intermediate colors (eg beige, cream, pink, etc.), which means that they are elegant, rich and of good quality; foods are suitable for use in red , yellow and orange packaging, said that the United States and the United States, fine processing; wine suitable for light-colored packaging, said the rich mellow, sophisticated production. In addition, it needs to be pointed out that the color patterns of packaging should take into account the different preferences and taboos of different ethnic groups, especially the commodities that enter the international market. In short, according to the actual situation, flexible adoption is the way to package success. In addition, experts have a piece of advice: When you don't know how to design your package, you may wish to collect 100 kinds of packaging of similar products in the market. Through observation and comparison, you will get satisfactory results.

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