Consumer behavior refers to the consumer's shopping psychology and the behavioral awareness shown by purchasing motivation, as well as the packaging strategies and post-use disposal behaviors that merchants and manufacturers adopt to satisfy consumers' consumer behavioral awareness. The pollution of packaging to the environment depends on people's consumption behavior.
1, the pursuit of gorgeous packaging shopping behavior
Some places lack the awareness of environmental protection or environmental awareness, people are pursuing gorgeous packaging of goods. Businesses and manufacturers also follow their consumer psychology to design high-cost and difficult-to-handle packaging. The pursuit of gorgeous packaging by Chinese consumers began in the 1980s.
From the 80's, people began to pay attention to the packaging of goods. From that time onwards, people looked for beautifully-looking product packaging and shopping packages in everyday life as a kind of fashion, and they did not hesitate to pay for high-quality clothing and provide consumers with convenient packaging. In this way, the sales atmosphere of products is pursued, and sales of goods are promoted.
2, improper choice of packaging materials
(1) Manufacturer's selection of product packaging
It is mainly to consider the appearance and weight, not to examine the environmental protection of tiger packaging materials. Manufacturers and individuals rarely use packaging materials that are easy to handle and are easy to disappear without pollution. For example, packaging bags almost replace plastic cloth with traditional ones. Containers made of paper and natural materials. And the bags used today are getting thinner and the degradation rate is getting slower and slower.
(2) Consumers choose packaging only for self-considerability
Mainly in the presence or absence of the need to use high-grade composite packaging (bags, boxes, etc.) and lightweight soft packaging (such as plastic packaging). Many packages always incorporate plastic components (paper, aluminum, plastic, and plastic-plastic composite materials), making it difficult or costly to handle, making people unwilling to recycle these packages.
For example, the soft and thin plastic shopping bags popular in urban and rural areas have become the “white pollution source” in the city, which is an issue of great concern for China’s environmental protection.
According to survey statistics, there are more than 700,000 households and 3 million residents in Nanjing. The number of plastic bags brought home by residents from the markets, stores, and supermarkets is about 1 billion per year. Each year, Beijing consumes about 23 plastic bags. Billion.
According to survey statistics, polystyrene foam (EPS) plastics used in the manufacture of shockproof packaging for goods in China consume about 400,000 tons per year, and its finished products are 130 million cubic meters, which is equivalent to more than 400 100-story stacked. With high numbers, we can feel that what is considered "white pollution" is coming to us with great strength.
(3) Overpacking brings pollution home
This is mainly caused by the consumer psychology of the general consumers seeking more and more, and it is clearly reflected in any shopping venues, especially supermarkets, shopping malls and farmers' markets where free packaging is provided.
1 overweight. After shopping, a bag can be used to take out the shopping, but it is preferred to take one or more packages; the use of small bags can be used instead of large bags; with a small volume and light weight of the line of material to extract However, it is necessary to use bags or boxes to extract things; when the packaging has left the frame, it has to take away the bags (or boxes).
2 ahead. Discard all kinds of packaging after shopping. Many consumers discarded a variety of gorgeous packaging that can be reused many times, making it a disposable packaging contaminant that is difficult to handle and not easily disappear.
(4) Improper use of packaging There are many packaging materials and packaging accessories (auxiliary materials) in the process of use, improper or improper combination, which wastes the material, increases the difficulty of packaging technology, and increased the total amount of packaging. For example, many packaging materials contain too much material that is difficult to be recycled or recycled as a liner. Because of its large size, light weight, and low recycling value, no one is willing to be recycled, eventually becoming a source of waste and pollution.
3. The post-disposal method does not find that packaging waste has become an important source of pollution in urban and rural areas. In particular, in places where population density is high, many packaging wastes are visible everywhere, especially in rivers and lakes. Water and plastic-related packaging are floating everywhere on the water. waste.
Serious visual contamination caused by improper handling after packaging. In the city, especially near the garbage dumping site in the urban-rural area, exposed, hung, floating plastic products can be seen from the ground, trees, and water. Even in the bustling streets and wholesale markets of many cities, there are floating white plastic bags. These scenarios have seriously damaged the urban landscape and polluted people's visual environment.
Improper use of post-packaging methods is mainly manifested in:
(1) It is not collected or classified after use, and is discarded at will, especially for migrants;
(2) It is not treated in time after being collected, but exposed to the ground and transferred freely;
(3) Lack of effective packaging waste recycling, classification, processing networks and systems;
(4) Consumers and related institutions lack environmental awareness or awareness;
(5) There is a lack of appropriate regulations to regulate the disposal of packages after use.
4. Conclusion In summary, the improper consumption and disposal of packaging has led to environmental pollution.
People's packaging consumption includes shopping packaging consumption, packaging consumption when used, and packaging consumption after use. No matter what kind of consumption, these consumptions include personal consumption and group consumption. Eventually causing environmental pollution in packaging consumption. The key lies in the improper consumption, so the rational consumption of packaging is the best measure to eliminate urban pollution.

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