Daqin Home Guide: The knowledge of Feng Shui not only has the basic requirements of Yijing gossip, but also contains rich traditional culture. The living room is a very important part of the family, so the placement of the living room accessories must be carefully considered to bring you luck. [ Qinju Information ]

How to put the living room accessories for you is better

First: the gatekeeper

Pups placed in the house, whether it is toys or accessories, usually have two good positions, one is the main entrance, the dog can be placed on the side of the main entrance, that is, the watchdog; one is the financial position, that is, the dog. If you don't have a family at home, you can arrange a dog.

How to put the living room accessories for you is better

Second: horse head orientation

The horse takes the initiative, so the general horse head must be facing outwards, on behalf of the master to go out, send the fortune of the Quartet, if the horse head is inward, there is the meaning of the dog and dog restless.

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