The overflow valve is prone to high-frequency noise. The temperature shock test chamber is mainly caused by the unstable performance of the pilot valve, that is, the noise caused by the air vibration caused by the high-frequency oscillation of the pressure in the pilot chamber. The main reasons are:

(1) Air is mixed into the oil, and the temperature shock test chamber forms cavitation in the front cavity of the pilot valve, causing high-frequency noise. At this time, the air should be exhausted in time to prevent the outside air from re-entering.

(2) The pilot valve's pressure regulation function is unstable due to spring fatigue deformation, which makes the pressure fluctuations large and causes noise. At this time, the spring should be replaced.

(3) The needle valve is excessively worn due to frequent opening during use, so that the cone surface of the needle valve and the valve seat cannot be tightly closed, resulting in unstable pilot flow, pressure fluctuations and noise, which should be repaired or replaced in time.

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Outdoor Playground Equipment

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