Color analysis : In the season of recovery of everything, the family also needs to put on some "vigorous" home furnishing and accessories, so that a good mood can sprout in the spring. If you have a soft spot for candy pornography, congratulations. The bright colors of the candy fit the spring, and it also gives vitality. May wish to decorate the background walls with candy colors in the large space of the home, happy honey will overflow.

Candy color dazzling 5 big space background wall

PART1 kitchen

Editor's comment : The kitchen is a heavily affected area of ​​fume. It is not appropriate to use a large area of ​​warm colors when decorating. This will increase the inner irritability and destroy the cooking mood. The pure white cabinet in the picture is matched with a small sky blue lattice wall sticker, which creates a relaxed and visual sense. With the addition of other cute little utensils, the kitchen has become colorful.

Recommended products: Resist oil smoke-blue grid kitchen greaseproof aluminum foil stickers

Reference price: 5.8 yuan (Taobao price)

Recommended products: Resist oil smoke-blue grid kitchen greaseproof aluminum foil stickers

Reference price: 5.8 yuan (Taobao price)

PART2 living room

Editor's comment : Rose red attracts attention, but staying in a color-rich space for a long time can lead to hyperactivity and fatigue. It is recommended that the owner can use candy tones on the background wall of the sofa, and hang paintings, pendants and other accessories to create a trendy pop style.

Recommended wall paint: install and live, solve many wall problems- Dulux anti-formaldehyde full effect wall paint

Reference price : 400 yuan / 5L

Feature highlights : On the basis of full effect, the anti-formaldehyde function is strengthened, and based on the full effect, it can better solve various common wall problems. At the same time to provide color matching service, users can adjust the color to decorate the wall.

PART 3 Restaurant

Editor's comment : Orange has invincible vitality and enthusiasm, just like oranges give Fresh a sense of freshness. Such warm colors are suitable for the background wall of the restaurant, which helps to promote appetite. Walls can be decorated with hanging pictures and photos. If you are bold enough and alternative, it is better to use a mirror to decorate an exotic gypsy girl's house. The mirror can refract the light and make the room more open and bright.

Recommended Wall Paint: Diamond Light Luxurious Color-Dulux Diamond Diamond Five-in-One Wall Paint

Reference price: 438 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Dulux diamond five-in-one wall paint uses the innovative LumiTech â„¢ wide display technology of the Hao Lang series, which can help your home to bring out the fashionable and beautiful Hao Lang color system, making the wall look brighter and more spacious than similar products.

PART 4 ​​bedroom

Editorial comment : The light blue space is like a tranquil ocean, with the same color striped bedding, as if you are a helmsman sailing in the sea. The owner who paid attention to details also used wall stickers to create a warm and poetic atmosphere. The kitty cat pillow expresses the frankness of the owner's movement between loli and the mature woman.

Recommended wall paint: matte paint to make the bedroom quiet-China Resources Shimei high-quality matte interior wall paint

Reference price: 598 yuan / 18L

Product description: The unique antibacterial formula of CR Slim Premium Matte Interior Wall Paint can resist 99% of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, while beautifying the wall, and always keep the indoor air fresh and comfortable.

PART 5 Study Room (Children's Study Room)

Editor's comment : Pink green with small floral fabric is very stylish. White bay windows and floor cabinets form a reading corner. Whether reading or relaxing, such a hue makes people feel comfortable.

Recommended wall paint: The film is flexible and elastic, suitable for owners with sufficient budgets- Nippon Elastic Anti-cracking, Full- effect Latex Paint

Reference price: 598 yuan / 5L

Product introduction : Elastic anti-crack and pure taste full effect "interior wall latex paint, the paint film has super elasticity, can be freely expanded and contracted with the slight changes of the substrate and the cracks caused by thermal expansion and contraction caused by temperature difference, greatly improved In addition, the anti-cracking ability of the product. Nippon paint film has good ductility and can effectively prevent wall cracking. If the owner's decoration budget is limited, the price of nearly six hundred can also be considered.

Editor's summary : The latest work "Candy House" by the designer ghost handkerchief uses bright colors to create an ordinary small apartment with many colors. It can be seen that the small apartment can also use the decoration to make up for the shortcomings of congenital lack of light, narrow space and monotonous room type. Of course, the owner should not paint the whole home like a color palette because of the craving for candy color. In a space, the candy color should not exceed two walls, which will make the space appear patchy and chic, rather than disorderly.

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