[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many families have both fabric wardrobes , solid wood wardrobes and leather wardrobes, and many housewives do not know that the maintenance of the three is different. In fact, different materials of the wardrobe, there are different maintenance methods, must be treated differently.

Maintenance of cloth wardrobe

The cloth wardrobe has the characteristics of being able to change the cloth cover at any time and is easy to clean. At the same time, the material is soft and not easy to damage. In normal times, as long as it is cleaned frequently, the surface can be cleaned. However, large parts such as wardrobes must pass the cleaning work on weekdays. Reasonable use for better maintenance.

Smooth handling

If the wardrobe is to be moved, it must be placed flat and stable. It is best to use special padding on the four corners of the floor to keep the overall structure stable. At the same time, do not bend the mattress during handling. Bundle with a rope and try to avoid collision to prevent the cabinet from damaging or damaging the internal structure.

Leather wardrobe maintenance

The most feared leather wardrobe is stained with oil or scratched. Do not use water directly when cleaning. Use a dry cloth with a special leather cleaner to gently wipe. For homes with pets or children, be especially careful with kittens, puppy paws or small children scratching the surface of the closet with sharp objects.

Regular cleaning

Do not directly use the water-proof leather wardrobe. The most important thing is the dermis breathing. Therefore, it should be cleaned regularly to keep the pores on the surface of the leather from being blocked by dust. When scrubbing, wipe it with cotton cloth or silk and wipe it gently. You can also use Bi Lizhu or glazing wax to spray it again to keep it clean. If you accidentally contaminate the oil stains, use a cotton cloth, a towel, a moderate amount of neutral soapy water, and then dry with a dry cotton cloth. Do not scrub directly with water. After cleaning, the leather wardrobe can be sprayed with a special leather cleaner, repeatedly rubbed with silk repeatedly to prevent cortical aging.

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight in the vicinity of the leather wardrobe, and do not directly contact the high-temperature heat-resistant source, otherwise the cortex will be deteriorated and deteriorated.

Wooden wardrobe maintenance

For wooden wardrobes, it is most prone to deformation in wet weather, so keep a ventilated, dry environment, and often clean the surface to achieve good maintenance.

Avoid high temperature and keep dry

Because the material of the wooden wardrobe is natural wood, it has the characteristics of plants, so it should not be placed in the place where the sunlight can be directly placed. Do not "blow" the heating of the air conditioner. If it is close to the window, it needs to be in the sunshine. Pull the curtains when strong to avoid fading of the paint film. At the same time, the wooden table should avoid direct contact with the overheated tableware to prevent the food and soup from overflowing and damaging the table. Usually keep the wardrobe dry, often ventilate the room to avoid the environment being wet.

Wipe the corrosion inhibitor

For those who love cleanliness, they may wipe the wardrobe every day, but it is worth noting that the rag should not be washed with hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant, and not exposed to corrosive substances such as alcohol and nail polish. That will destroy the paint on the surface of the wardrobe. The best way to do this is to use a tweezers to rub the surface of the floating soil or wipe it with a damp cloth.

Regular waxing

It is also very important to polish and polish regularly, and it is generally possible to maintain it once a quarter. First use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the wardrobe, then use the glazing wax for the wardrobe to evenly rub the surface, and then polish it with a clean soft cloth. This will enhance the moisture and light resistance while maintaining the long-lasting brightness of the wardrobe. .

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