The "NaoCar" project was initiated by four students in Montpellier, France. They used software programming to enable NAO robots to autonomously drive a children's car. The success of this project marks the possibility that humanoid robots will replace human drivers and drive vehicles in the future.

ALDEBARAN Robotics realizes the first step of humanoid robot driving vehicle

The "NaoCar" research means that NAO robots can "see the road" and react to road conditions in real time, including the ability to start the engine, turn left and right, and reverse the brakes. All these behavioral abilities are completed by NAO robots autonomously.

The study opened another door for vehicles without "human" driving technology-humanoid robots driving vehicles. Although many autonomous driving technologies have long been studied, it is unprecedented to drive vehicles by humanoid robots. It is assumed that a robot that can autonomously analyze and record road conditions can communicate with people during its driving, which will better prove that the robot is Has the ability to interact seamlessly with humans.

As a manufacturer of NAO robots, ALDEBARAN Robotics has always expected that NAO robots can be integrated into the daily life of human beings and bring true convenience to the society. At the same time, I also hope that more people with lofty ideals can join the research team of NAO robots. Nao robots will provide buyers with an open secondary development platform for programming through software such as CHOREGRAPH, C ++, PYTHON It can realize the practical application of robots.

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