[ Chinese wardrobe network ] For small-sized owners, because the inner door of the opening and closing is omitted, the closet door can better expand the limited space. Its beauty lies in ensuring the integrity and unity of the main functional areas in the same room, and opening the joints when needed, so that the different differentiated areas are connected and continue each other. You can choose the color and surface decoration materials that suit everyone according to the preferences of family members, and combine them reasonably to present a personalized decorative style.

Sliding doors are divided into four types from the opening method. Single or two or more tracks of the sliding door are laterally translated and pushed by the original shape. The single track is a left and right push and pull, and the double track doors can be pushed and pulled left and right, or overlap. The folding sliding door can divide a door into two parts in two directions and then push and pull it. The door is overlapped on one side or the side of the wall to form a decorative cornice. It is often used for screens or hidden doors, which greatly expands the space. The built-in sliding door is a sliding door that is restricted in the normal door opening and the space in which the door is opened, and the hidden in-line sliding and pushing in the wall or the wall or the cabinet. Suspended sliding doors are mainly used for effect walls and screens. The form is monorail, collision type push-pull, and two parallel decorative surface effects, which are common in decorative cabinets and bookcases.

The closet door is decorated with a single sliding door, with a decorative grid on the left and a bookcase on the right. When the sliding door moves to the left, the bookcase can be used, and when pushed to the right, the decorative grid can be exposed, which is both beautiful and convenient, and practical and space-saving.

In the bedroom, the closet is equipped with a push-pull closet door. The door can be half mirrored and half of the wood grain, which not only brings convenience to the dressing, but also adds elegance.

In the study room, the whole wall bookcase can be made of transparent sliding doors, so that not only books but also collections can be displayed. The entire study room is clear, concise, and has a sense of extension. It also protects the book from dust and gives a comfortable feeling to those who study and work in the study.

There is a track box on the upper part of the sliding door, which is guaranteed to be 12 cm high and 9 cm wide. Like the curtain box, a rail is mounted in the track box to suspend the sliding door from the rail. Most doors or door openings today are 1.95-2.15 meters high. Experience has shown that when the height of the door is less than 1.95 meters, no matter how tall the person is, it will feel very depressed and uncomfortable. Therefore, when doing the sliding door, the height should be at least 195+12=207 cm. If there is enough space for the track box, the sliding door can be considered. Otherwise, it can only be an external suspension, that is, the track box is exposed outside, which is certainly not beautiful, and the gap between the door and the wall will become larger after a long time.

The hanging sliding door is not affixed by the pre-installed track box, and the exposed track box and the brick intersection are not handled well, which brings certain difficulties to the construction. Because the track is under a certain pressure, the brick is also stressed. For a long time, it is easy to cause the brick to crack near the track. In addition, if it is in a space such as a kitchen and bathroom, it is easy to hide dirt and dirt on the rail box, and soot and dust on it, which causes troubles for cleaning.

Whether it is finished furniture or hand-made furniture, the material is all wood. It is easy to be deformed or cracked when it is affected by moisture and external force, especially the furniture made of large core board, and serious environmental problems make people feel worried. The wall cabinet door frame and track are made of steel, high strength, neither deformed nor environmentally friendly.

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