In the first section of the high and low temperature test chamber manufacturers, we will tell you about the refrigeration compressor. In the first section, we introduced the composition of the compressor and the understanding of the meaning of "refrigeration". In this article, we next look at: the heating of our refrigeration system and boiler The systems are identical in terms of thermodynamics, and their heat conduction formulas are also exactly the same. Let ’s compare the boiler first, and further talk about the role of the refrigerant in cooling. The kettle mentioned above can also be regarded as a boiler, but water When it boiled, we filled the thermos. If we put a tube on the spout to get to the bathroom, then we can take a sauna and the kettle becomes a small boiler. High and low temperature test chamber manufacturers tell you about refrigeration compressors (2)

It should be noted that the water in the kettle is always 100 ° C, and the steam temperature at the outlet of the kettle is also 100 ° C. Why is it not 110 ° C, not 90 ° C? This is because the boiling temperature of water at one atmosphere is 100 ° C, which is Determined by the physical properties of water, in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the atmospheric pressure is low, and the water is opened at about 70 ℃. Without a pressure cooker, you can only eat raw rice. In the pressure cooker, the temperature can reach 110 ℃, because the pressure valve of the pressure cooker The weight is just to keep the pressure in the pot at 1Kg / CM2 gauge pressure (actually 2 atmospheres). Generally, small boilers can burn 4Kg / CM2 gauge pressure steam. The steam temperature is also close to 140 ℃. The water temperature in the boiler is also the same as the steam temperature. The same is also 140 ℃, the temperature of the burner of the gas stove can reach about 1000 ℃, the burner transfers heat to the water, so that the temperature of the water rises to the boiling point, one kilogram of water from the boiling point to dry (all become steam), from the gas burner The heat taken away is the same as the above-mentioned kettle to cool the steel plate. The flame near the bottom of the kettle is a cooling process. The combustion temperature of the coal in the boiler is about 1200 ℃, and there is no water in the boiler. Temperature, boiler exhaust tube collapse burnt.

From our perspective, the water here is the refrigerant. In turn, water vapor enters the bathroom and immediately condenses into small water droplets (fog), which releases heat to increase the temperature in the bathroom. The same kilogram of steam fired by one kilogram of water, the steam releases 539 calories of heat in the bathroom and all becomes water. When the steam turns into water, the temperature of the small water drop is 100 ℃, which is a condensation process. Of course, the small water drops will continue to release heat and reduce the temperature. When the water drops become water drops and fall on the ground or attached to the wall, it is only about 30 ℃. This is not a condensation process, but only an ordinary cooling process. Similarly, the boiler steam is passed into the indoor hot water tank (indoor heating exhaust pipe). The hot water tank becomes a condenser for the steam. If the supplied steam pressure is 1Kg / CM2 gauge pressure (actually 2 atmospheres) The surface temperature of the hot water heater is 110 ° C. The hot water heater emits heat to the indoor air, causing the indoor temperature to rise, and the steam condenses into water in the hot water heater. If 539 calories are emitted into the room, the hot water heater 1 kg of water condenses. In terms of refrigeration, the whole process is that the heat of coal combustion is absorbed by water and boils, becoming steam. The steam comes to the hot water with the absorbed heat. The surface of the hot water emits heat to the air, and the steam loses heat. After that, it is condensed into distilled water again, and this water can be returned to the boiler through the equipment to continue to use.

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