The light-colored wooden floor is warm to touch and has a fresh sense. Laying in the indoor space not only meets practical needs, but also has a refreshing and pleasant home visual effect that the dark floor cannot match, making the space appear larger, especially suitable for small apartment use. Today, the editor will introduce ten ways to match light wood floors with interior furniture, and give you a little reference for preparing light floor at home.

Matching scheme: the floor has a clear wooden texture, the wood joints are faintly visible, and the mottled wood grain ignites the space to present a natural and fresh bedroom. Beige was chosen for the space wall, matching beige bedding. The beige and wood floors outline the bright and clear basic tones of the space. This space does not require too many accessories, and simple furniture placement can create a decent and comfortable space.

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Matching plan: The space is very wide, the wood color floor and the white wall are more spacious and bright under the transparent light. The floor part chooses the wood color solid wood floor, which divides the different functional spaces of the home. The shallow texture is visually comfortable, and does not feel exaggerated or high-profile. It seems like a glass of warm boiled water. Full of warmth.

Matching plan: The owner adds white walls and furniture to this log color floor, and the large floor-to-ceiling windows lead into the room. The bright light is unbearable. The tone of the floor is very light, close to the tone of wood, natural and refreshing. The real wood texture on the floor surface is delightful, creating a elegant living space. Both colors are lighter, and if the space is slightly larger, it will appear monotonous and empty. Therefore, it is a good embellishment to add a little unobtrusive bright color, such as a delicate rug with a white pattern on orange background While enriching the interior tones, it also increases the warmth of a few homes.

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Matching scheme: The traditional Japanese decoration emphasizes elegance and simplicity. The outline of the living room is outlined with clear lines. The materials of the natural world are widely used in the decoration and decoration of the living room. Luxury and luxury are not respected. Elegant temperance is the realm. Therefore, wood-colored solid wood flooring is a must-have item for creating a Japanese-style space. The elegant wood color and Japanese-style home furnishings make it easier to present a natural and elegant space atmosphere.

Matching scheme: Is the wood-colored floor plus white furniture and walls a bit monotonous? The owner paired a little red bedding in the cool-toned bedroom, immediately turning the entire atmosphere into a warm home environment. The wood color floor and white shaped space are more gentle.

Matching scheme: The floor can also be used in this way. The loft space itself is not large. The wood color floor is spliced ​​to the wall surface. The clean and visual look is matched with the white wall. The depth of the space is the wall. Design sense.

Matching scheme: The original material wooden floor is matched with simple furniture items. A dark blue chair with rich design sense and the floor carpet are intact and neutralized, so the space has a warm texture. The floor is less bright, but warmer.

Matching plan: This small apartment shaped bedroom uses a white beige bed to echo the wood color floor, and then embellish with warm bedding, the color use is very coordinated. The first area of ​​the balcony door is opened as a small reading area with good light.

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Matching plan: This bedroom does not have too much furniture and color decoration. The wood color floor is matched with white wardrobes and bedding. Although it is a bit monotonous, it still has the beauty of simplicity. Friends who do not like gorgeous and colorful can try this style. This floor has a unique pattern, or a deep or light texture makes the ground more stunning.

Matching scheme: Long strips of solid wood color solid wood floors are stitched longitudinally to increase the sense of space. The tone of the floor is light, the texture is clear, and it is easy to create a bright and comfortable home space with white. There are many log elements in the room. In addition to the floor, the ceiling door panels have more or less selected the log color to decorate the space.

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