Crosslinker SC-100 is a 100% active content polyfunctional aziridine crosslinker. According to the addition of 1-3% water-based acrylic emulsion or polyurethane dispersion, its water resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and adhesion on special substrates have been significantly improved. The crosslinking agent SC-100 is a cross-linked reaction at room temperature, but it can also be used in a warm spray or baking process.

Typical features:
Type: Polyfunctional Aziridine Crosslinker Appearance: Yellow Clear Liquid Solid Content (1% w/w): >99
Viscosity Brookfield (25°C): 200mPas
PH value (25°C): 8-9
Density (20°C): 1.08kg/l
Stability (20°C): Six months water resistance (20°C): >100%
Solubility: Completely decomposed in acetone, xylene, isopropanol, N-butyl nitrate, carbitol, butyl acetate

Recommended end use:
Improve the water resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance and high temperature resistance of leather coating;
In the water-based parquet floor varnish, water-based plastic paint and water-based metal paint can improve its water resistance, alcohol resistance, washing resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance;
In water-based industrial wood coatings can improve its water resistance, alcohol resistance, anti-adhesion;
It can reduce the migration of plasticizers and improve the stain resistance in vinyl coatings.
Improves wear resistance in water-based cement sealants;
Can generally improve the adhesion of water-based systems on non-porous substrates;
Improve the water resistance and washability of aqueous printing inks;
Suitable for polyester/cotton, cotton and medium-length fiber padding process;
Improve the water resistance, anti-stickiness and high temperature resistance of water-based printing coatings.

Formulation suggestion:
Crosslinking agent SC-100 is a trifunctional cross-linking agent that can cross-link with the carboxyl group of the polymer (when the amount is 166); in most cases, it can react with 0.6 eq of SC-100 per equivalent of carboxyl group. The best improvement is achieved, but some systems require an equivalent amount of cross-linking agent to react with it; in general, cross-linking all acrylic or polyurethane dispersions requires 2% or 3% SC-100 (by weight), SC -100 should be added before the varnish, paint and ink are used. Due to its excellent miscibility, it can be stirred by hand. The best method is to first mix the SC-100 with water and then add it into the system. .

Use storage:
Carefully handle it to avoid contact with skin and eyes. Pay attention to oral and nasal inhalation. Use a special mask and store it in a cool, dry, dark place.

Source: Printing Business

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