LQD10 saddle stitching linkage line is a new-generation high-performance, high-speed, high-stability and humanized high-performance saddle stitching equipment manufactured by Beiren with the introduction of a full set of technology from Japan TSK Corporation. The maximum speed is 11000r/h, and the maximum signature size is 320mm×480mm. The minimum signature size is 111mm x 158mm and the maximum bound book thickness is 10mm. The humanized design makes its operation very convenient and quick. Its various adjustment devices are located outside the machine and can be adjusted without downtime, which greatly saves the adjustment time; the color touch screen type control panel makes the machine running status clear at a glance. It adopts five detection methods from page-laying, book-fixing to cutting: photoelectric identification of wrong posts, thickness detection, missed post detection, skew detection and missed-order detection, avoiding the occurrence of principle errors and improving production efficiency. Specially designed to adapt to high-speed binding double power transmission stapler and special paging wheel mechanism, the main parts of the components are used internationally renowned brands, the three sides cut the body as a whole casting, greatly improving the stability of the equipment. The entire line has perfect security protection measures and has passed the EU CE certification.

6 Bocce Ball is very popular in Europe. You can have customized packing. For example, nylon carrying bag, plastic box, wooden box, alumium box etc. Three kinds of surface handle methods of Bocce Ball are popular.That is grind sand, chrome plated, titanium plated. You can choose the style that are popular in your market.

We can add your logo on the packing or engrave letters on the ball. Printed logo or embroidery logo, either is no problem. If you don't have any special requirements, we offer you the nylon carrying bag with letters "BOULES" or "BOCCE".


6 bocce ball with wooden box

6 bocce ball with nylon bag

6 Bocce Ball

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