The generation and release of static electricity has been a factor in thermal transfer printing, mainly caused by the friction of the ribbon and the printer's machinery, including the print head. Studies have shown that there is no direct relationship between static electricity and print head life. However, some applied technologies such as the back coating of ribbons and electrostatic brushes on the printer can effectively reduce static electricity. Although there are instruments that can measure the static electricity generated during printing, the easiest way to know if the amount of static electricity is small enough is to look at the quality of the printed image. If you are still troubled by static electricity problems, there will be no white spots that can be scanned by the scanner. Quick reading is the best explanation. If you care about the life of the print head, cleaning and using the correct tension and pressure are the problems you should pay attention to. When the printing speed is increased, static electricity will affect the print quality. The electrostatically adsorbed fine particles will have a negative impact on the print quality. At this time, high-speed carbon ribbons can be used to solve the problem.

Source; 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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EVA case is lightweight, durable and cost competitive, with low development and mould cost for new case, there are EVA Earphone Case, accessories case, glasses case, Goggle Case, camera case, medical case, Drone Case, tool case, Game Console Case and so on.  Toprealcase is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best eva case for your need, our mission is top quality and real value at competitive price.


Custom design EVA CASE/BAG

Surface fabric


Fabric available:
210D,600D,900D,1200D,1680D polyeste, PU, PVC etc



4mm,5mm,6mm,70-75 degree hardness EVA


knitted fabric

velvet lining,faric lining, or others


inside with mesh pocket and cut foam

inside with mesh pocket, elastic, cut foam, molded foam ok



we can make mould so any size is ok



pantone color is welcome


Storage,and carrying

promotion, packing, protection

Delivery time

usually 30days for running an order

based on quantity, can be discussed



can be discussed


with exsiting size: free and 3days
with new mould: need mould cost and about 5days

EVA case 7

EVA Case

EVA Case,Waterproof EVA Case,Small EVA Case,Cute EVA Case

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