Three crystal plastic drop process

1. Choose the right dispensing platform. Place the product to be dropped on the platform. If the object is a screw or shaped product, special fixtures should be made to ensure the flatness of the dispensing surface.

2. Selection of rubber and glue. Should be based on different textures of the selected different textures of crystal glue, in general, self-adhesive trademarks, soft plastic signs, paper trademarks, and other selection of soft crystal glue; hard floor trademark, signs, badges use hard crystal Glue, hard metal materials can also use soft crystal glue according to the environment. The glue should be prepared according to the manufacturer's instruction manual of the crystal glue. The procedure is as follows. Glue, according to the amount of glue used in the batch product, take a clean beaker and accurately measure according to the matching requirements, and weigh the two components A and B in 1:1; heat the A component to 4O °C. Add the B component to the left and right, pour into the container, mix and stir evenly (in some cases, mix the glue in a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1).

3. Defoaming. Remove the bubbles in the mixed rubber (commonly used defoaming methods are two kinds: one is natural defoaming, and the rest is in the container for 15-30 min; the male one is vacuum defoaming for 3-5 min, and the vacuum defoaming needs to be equipped with a vacuum pump. And deaerator

4. Take the glue. According to the size of the material to be dropped, the plastic container can be selected. When the amount of glue is large, small beakers or blow-molded bottles (detergent bottles) with a diameter of 5 cm and a length of 23 cm can be used to hold the plastic; when the amount of glue is small, Use medical glass needles.

5. Dispensing. Dispensing is divided into manual and machine automatic drop two ways. Hand-made plastic drops are adapted to the smaller batches of products, and the machine automatically drops to adapt to large-volume products. The hand-made plastic injection uses a blow-molded bottle for hand-squeezing when it is dispensed, and uses a medical glass syringe to push it by hand. Epoxy generally blooms from the center of the object, and the fluidity of the glue causes the surface of the epoxy to saturate. To ensure that crystal glue is even and full, it is necessary to control the amount of glue. If the amount of glue is too large, the colloids will overflow; if the amount of glue is insufficient, leakage of glue will occur. The thickness of the crystal glue layer is generally 2mm, so that it can be automatically dropped by the epoxy dispenser. It adopts a plurality of plastic heads for simultaneous plastic dropping, positioning rotation, and manual loading and unloading. It is characterized by high production efficiency and plastic flow control. Well, product quality is stable; its disadvantages are large investment in equipment, high operating costs, and troubles in replacing varieties.

6. Trim. 3 to 5 minutes after instilling crystal glue, observe whether there are bubbles or dust particles on the plastic surface. If there are small bubbles, use a small needle to pick it off. If you find that the dead angle is not leveling crystal glue, use a needle or fine toothpick to extradite .

7. Gel cured. A well-dipped label should ensure that it has enough gel-curing time. The soft gel glue is at room temperature of 25 °C, the gelling time is 3 h, and the curing time is 36-48 h. If the well-marked label is placed in a 60°C thermostatic drying oven, it can be completely cured in 3 hours. The gel of the hard thermosetting crystal glue is cured. If the oven is used, the temperature is 80° C. and the time 1 ht is allowed to dry at room temperature for 1 to 15 hours. The length of the gel curing time of the crystal glue will be affected by some factors, such as the temperature, the catalyst, the strength of the curing agent, and the size of the dispensing area. Therefore, the production of crystal glue decoration products should pay attention to observe, record relevant data in order to prepare work instructions.

8. Clean the container. Since the crystal glue is insoluble in any solvent after being hardened, no matter whether it is manual dripping or automatic dripping, the machine, equipment and container should be cleaned after finishing to prepare for the next use. The cleaning agent can use alcohol, acetone and special PVC solvent.

The following issues should also be noticed in the production of four crystal plastic decoration signs.

Crystal plastic decoration signs have the advantages of strong decorativeness, high transparency and corrosion resistance; however, the heat resistance, oil resistance, and scratch resistance are all poor. Therefore, high temperatures, open flames, and oily environments are not easy to decorate with signs using crystal glue, and products with larger areas are not easy to decorate with crystal glue. The following issues should also be taken into consideration when manufacturing plastic crystal decoration signs.

1. The bench for dispensing should be kept flat, and the drop surface of the product to be dripped should be kept as horizontal as possible, otherwise it will affect the flow of colloids, causing overflow of the product causing the product to be scrapped.

2. The production operation environment should be clean and dust-free, and the conditions should maintain the temperature of the work room and install air-conditioning for production operations. Since crystal glue takes a long time from dripping to hardening, dripping of dust affects the quality of the product's surface. If the room temperature is too high or too low, the flow and solidification of the gel will be affected, which will affect the quality of the product.

3. In case of adhesives, trademarks, etc., the thickness itself is very thin and the boundary is not obvious. When pouring, it will easily cause the overflow of the crystal glue, and it will be difficult to reach a thickness of 2 mm. In the actual control, special attention should be paid to the control of the viscosity of the crystal glue. After the glue is used, the time for the glue to be placed can be extended by 0.5 to 1.5 hours, and the viscosity of the thin crystal glue can be increased by increasing the viscosity.

4. Make a crystal glue label larger than 2 mIi1 thick, which can be divided into two drops. After the first drop, it is cured for 3 to 5 hours and then added dropwise.

5. The use and preservation of the crystal glue should avoid direct sunlight exposure and contact with high temperatures to prevent the gel. Unused crystal glue is generally stored in a cool, dark place at 25 °C. Especially in summer, it is best to store it at low temperature. When the gel is used and the remaining glue is encountered, do not pour the remaining glue into the unpacked package to prevent interaction. Gel phenomenon.

6. The glue shall be measured and proportioned according to the requirements. No other thinner may be added to avoid the problems of reducing the strength of the product or causing problems such as sticky hands and reduced fluidity, which will affect the product quality.

7. The storage period of the crystal glue is generally 6 months. Before the use of the crystal glue for more than 6 months, a small test is required before continuing to use it.

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