Section 1 Product Packaging and Functions

First, the packaging of goods

(a) The concept of commodity packaging

According to the definition of the national standard “Packaging General Terms”, commodity packaging refers to the overall name of containers, materials, and accessories that are used to protect commodities, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and adopt certain technological methods. It also refers to the operation of applying certain technical methods in the process of using container materials and aids for the above purposes.

Understand the meaning of goods packaging, including two aspects: on the one hand, refers to the container containing goods, usually referred to as packaging, such as boxes, bags, baskets, barrels, bottles, etc.; on the other hand, refers to the process of packing goods, Such as packing, packing and so on.

Commodity packaging has two characteristics, such as attributes and merchandise. The packaging is an accessory of its contents; the commodity packaging is a special commodity attached to the interior goods, which has value and use value; at the same time, it is an important means to realize the value and use value of the interior products.

Second, the role of commodity packaging

(i) Protecting goods.

(b) to facilitate circulation.

(c) Convenience to consumption.

(d) promote sales.

(5) Increase the value of commodities and promote the realization of use value.

Third, the classification and characteristics of commodity packaging

A wide variety of product packaging, common product packaging classification and packaging are as follows.

(I) Classified according to business practices

1. Domestic packaging: It is a simple, economical and practical product that is adapted to the packaging used in domestic sales.

2. Export packaging: It is used to adapt to the sales of goods in foreign countries and the packaging used for the international long-distance transportation of goods. In the protective, decorative, competitive, adaptive higher requirements.

3, special packaging: is for the handicrafts, fine arts, cultural relics, precision and valuable equipment, military supplies and other packaging used, generally higher cost.

(b) Classification according to the links in circulation

1, small package: direct contact with goods, and goods assembled at the same time, constitute the packaging of goods components. There are many patterns or text logos on the small packages of goods, which have the effect of protecting the goods, facilitating sales, and guiding consumption.

2, in the packaging: is the inner packaging of goods, commonly known as sales of goods packaging. Mostly have a certain shape of the container. It has the function of preventing deterioration, moisture, mildew, corrosion and other metamorphic changes in the product when it is damaged by external forces, impacts or is affected by the external environment.

3, packaging: is the outermost packaging of goods, also known as transport packaging. Most are the packaging of several commodities. There is a clear mark on the outer packaging of the product. The outer packaging has the function of protecting the safety of the goods in circulation.

(c) Classified by package shape and material

With packaging materials as a classification mark, commodity packaging can be divided into paper, plastic, glass, metal, wood, composite materials, ceramics, textiles, and other materials.

(d) Classification by protective technology methods

Packaging technology as a classification mark, commodity packaging can be divided into body, transparent, tray, window, shrink, bag, easy to open, spray, cooking, vacuum, inflatable, moisture, rust, mildew, insect, sterile , Earthquake, shading, gifts, packaging, etc.

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