KwikTrip and Portola Packaging have recently collaborated on the development of a high-tight screw cap for large-capacity high-density polyethylene milk bottles.

The bottle cap is provided with a pull-type annular plastic sealing film. When the consumer opens, the outer cover can be removed without rotating the bottle cap, and then the ring-shaped membrane at the bottle mouth can be pulled to open the bottle. According to KwikTrip, this new type of bottle cap has good sealing performance, anti-theft function, and lower cost than aluminum foil sealing cap, and it can be adapted to the existing cap production device without purchasing special sealing equipment. Survey shows that 80% of consumers choose this kind of bottle cap.

Currently, KwikTrip uses Portola's new capping equipment to process high density polyethylene milk caps with capacities of 4.5 liters and above.

Source: China Chemical News

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