Hinterkopf (Hinterkopf) develops and manufactures and sells machines and fully automated production lines for the production of aluminum hoses, aluminum hard cans, plastic hoses and plastic tubes in the world.

Machines manufactured by the Int. Cove Company include adhesive printing machines, screen printing machines, capping machines, necking machines, washing machines, packaging machines and many other parts of the automatic production line. The machine design is based on coordinating all components of the production line. The machines are versatile, simple to operate and production safe. Therefore, due to the high-quality manufacturing of the machines, Intkauf enjoys a leading position in the world market for similar products.

A Kitchen Knife is intended to be used for food preparation. A good knife that feels like an extension of your arm. Chef Knife, carving knife, bread knife, paring knife and Steak Knife, choose one knife for your family.
It will be a credit to your kitchen and your cooking skills. Every cook deserves a top quality professional knife. You save time, get a far better cut, and save your sore hands from the lesser knives.
Kitchen knives can be made from several different materials, including Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Ceramic knives.

Kitchen Knife

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