Let us first introduce what is known as the Rock Climbing rock climbing movement. The earliest European mountaineering can be traced back to the 18th century. Prior to this, humans were very afraid of approaching the mountains. They thought that it was where the devil lived. It was not until the 18th century that some missionaries had to cross the mountainous area for missions. In addition, some scientists began to move into the mountains. In addition to these people, some observations of the natural ecology included the social upstarts of industrialists, engineers, and bankers who emerged from the industrial revolution. When these people had money and leisure, they began to use mountaineering as leisure activities. "The first boarding ceremony" (the first summit of a mountain was first declared by mankind) became the goal pursued by all climbers. When those hills in the Alps are relatively gentle and easy to reach, they are all "first boarded". What remains is the steep mountains that have precipitous cliffs. At that time, the climbers, in order to overcome these ice-covered ice terrain all over the world, developed a set of hands-on climbing techniques (Climbing Technique). Or the equipment is still quite simple. Until the end of the Second World War, part of it was due to the need for special terrain operations in the war, and it gradually became the prototype of today's climbing movement.

Climbing really became an independent sport. First seen in France in 1970, climbing was accompanied by mountaineering activities. The purpose was to overcome the difficulties in mountaineering. And Sport climbing Words also formally appear during this period and give clear definitions. Since then, rock climbing has had its own new life and it has grown apart from mountaineering and developed on its own. More and more people, not climbers, or even climbing mountains, nevertheless climb rock climbing. Discovered a lot of fun.

Most people who have been exposed to this new term of rock climbing for the first time think that this is an expert exercise. However, in fact, in Europe and the United States, the rock-climbing movement has long been a leisure sport that belongs to the masses, regardless of men and women. There are climbers aged from 3 to 70 years old. Recall that we are full of childhood memories of the joy of climbing trees, it is not difficult to understand that humans have the desire to climb.

The greatest contribution to the development of the whole rock climbing movement should be the invention of artificial rock farms, the development of artificial rock farms, and also the rock climbing movements. The earliest of these were all originated in France, and then gradually spread to the whole world and became popular in all age groups. . In 1983, the French Mr. Francois SAVIGNY invented the world's first movable rock block made of glass fiber, sand and resin composites, which laid the foundation for the future development of artificial rock fields. In 1985, SAVIGNY founded the world's largest artificial rock plant, Entre-Prises, France.

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