(1403222) The present invention discloses a new process for processing the coil of a steel drum closure of a packaging container. The process includes blanking and drawing, cutting the port cover, leveling the flange and chamfering the upper inner surface, and squeezing the inner diameter portion of the curl. The method is characterized in that during the process of squeezing the inner diameter portion of the curling edge, the material of the required part of the inner diameter of the expanded hole of the curling portion is reflowed to the height of the curling side wall, and the height of the blanking stretching is shortened and reduced after the hole expanding. Small blanking outer diameter size, saving raw materials; use the chamfer of the inner diameter of the upper end of the drawing wall to supplement the material to the rounded corner portion of the outer wall of the side wall caused by the drawing, so as to ensure that the side wall and the flange are perpendicular; Rolling processing The internal thread reduces the inner diameter of the threaded portion to the thread size requirement.

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