The colorful packaging world has enriched people's lives, and also cultivated people's feelings: a piece of packaging works, like a piece of art treasures, brings endless fun and enjoyment to people. All kinds of "packaging bags" is a blooming flower in the garden. She combines knowledge and artistry to provide people with a colorful new world.

1, advertising shopping bags. Shopping bag advertising can use the limited area of ​​the bag body to spread the market information of the enterprise or product service to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with store advertisements and walk through the streets, they are in fact some exquisite advertising bags, no less than making an excellent advertising signboard, and the cost is relatively low.

2, knowledge shopping bags. It is to put all kinds of patterns and texts with certain knowledge, such as famous paintings of the world, Chinese calligraphy, etc., printed on shopping bags. This type of shopping bag not only provides convenience for consumers when carrying articles, but also cultivates people's sentiments and gives people a wonderful psychological feeling.

3, gift-type shopping bag. Our country is a state of etiquette. Every holiday and birthday He Xi, people always bring gifts “walking, walking” to connect feelings and contrast atmosphere. When guests put gifts in shopping bags with the words “I wish you a long life” and “I wish you happy,” the owner felt not only a gift, but also an interest in his heart.

4. Commemorative shopping bags. Such as × × Art Festival commemorative, travel commemorative bags and so on. This strategy caters to people's commemorative mentality and honorary mentality, so that after shopping, people still have a new feeling.

5, simple shopping bag. When customers buy miscellaneous items and need simple shopping bags, if the store can provide one, it will certainly be welcomed by consumers. For convenience, it is an important part of promotion.

6, time-lapse shopping bags. Now people are generally pursuing a high standard of living, and fashion goods lead the way in consumer trends. When there is "hot" in the society, if shopkeepers print product designs and promotional information on beautiful shopping bags, it is undoubtedly an important move for promotion. When consumers see a hot product at a store, it also creates a "temptation to stop."

7, antique shopping bags. Many traditionally-famous traditional commodities are highly favored by consumers because of the use of materials, old-fashioned production, and long history. If the shopping bag is printed with simple and elegant patterns and text, it gives people a sense of dignity and dignity, presumably will also cause some consumers shopping interest.

Shopping bags have become very popular in many developed countries and are still a new world to be explored in China. It is believed that one day, it will bring a unique Chinese style and be displayed before people.

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