Second, the relationship between packaging and materials

Any works of art are constructed on the basis of materials. In the whole process of packaging design, materials are the material basis of all links. Therefore, we use integrated materials to define the design language, which is based on the “harmony between man and nature”. From design to materials, the way of thinking from materials to design provides infinite possibilities for artists, and it also gives rise to the aesthetic features of comprehensive materials.

The material in the designer's eyes can be full of emotions. Due to the characteristics of the material itself, the texture of the surface is made more pleasing by artificial treatment: smooth materials have smooth beauty, rough materials have ancient appearance, and soft materials. There is a feeling of skin... This association is enough to trigger the birth of a good design work. Due to the rich and varied choice of materials, it also determines the flexible design of packaging.

There are two types of packaging materials: one is a natural material (such as wood, bamboo, rattan, etc.), and the other is an artificial material (such as plastic, glass, metal, etc.). Different materials have different aesthetic characteristics, and they give people different visual and tactile sensations. Designers understand the types of materials and also pursue the aesthetic feeling of materials. In general, people's perception of materials is determined by a series of factors such as texture, texture, luster, and feel of the material itself. The visual beauty caused by different materials is also different. Such as heavy material, giving a steady beauty; light material gives a romantic beauty; rough material gives the original beauty; smooth material gives a luxurious beauty. Because of the difference between the material's own characteristics and its own language connotation, different visual effects are created.

The aesthetics of modern materials and arts are changing people's aesthetic concepts. The visual impact and deterrence brought about by the creative and unique artistic charm of material design can not be ignored. Therefore, we can say that the proper use of packaging materials can not only enhance the artistic effect of packaging, but also an important symbol of the quality of packaging.

For packaging design, we generally use two different design methods: one is to design the packaging according to the material, and the other is to design the packaging shape first and then find the material according to the shape. Regardless of which method is used, the ultimate goal is to achieve the same goal, that is, to turn materials into packaging. Different designers have different design styles, but materials are always an important design element. Only by selecting appropriate performance methods and ingeniously injecting material properties into the design can we fully exert the unique charm of the materials, so as to better serve the products and fully express the contents of the products.

In short, the material is the material carrier of the package, and it is the material foundation that reflects the design idea. Missing material. Any perfect design can only become the ideal of the Emperor's new clothes. Therefore, the choice of materials becomes a prerequisite for the success of packaging, and with the help of suitable materials, the creative style of packaging can be fully expressed.

(to be continued)

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