WD-40 launched a new asymmetrical spray can package for its old industrial lubricants product in China in September 2003 and began selling it in the US in October of that year. This custom aluminum can is available in 8-ounce and 11-ounce sizes and is designed and supplied by companies such as Cork and Seal.

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of WD-40 lubricants, new packaging products were put on the market. The company said that they also introduced a barrel design aimed at counterfeiting in China. The previously symmetrical spray bottle of WD-40, along with its pattern, was often counterfeited, and imitations contained counterfeit lubricant in the container. Another new feature of the wrapper is the WD-40's yellow shield, which is imprinted on a small can to create a three-dimensional effect.

This new container was manufactured using a patented blow molding process in which high pressure gas was used to expand the preformed cans to fill the molds to produce a uniquely shaped spray bottle.

Mike Freeman, president of WD-40 North America, said: “We want to ensure that consumers get the high quality they expect from our lubricant products and to prevent any potential damage caused by counterfeiting. This new asymmetric shape is very Hard to copy, so consumers can easily distinguish between genuine and counterfeit goods."

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