The fully automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine developed by Shengzhou Sanqing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. has recently passed the expert appraisal organized by relevant departments. The aircraft was the first in the country and it has obtained three national patents.

According to reports, Zhangzhou Sanqing Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. after two years of successful development of fully automatic rotary plastic blowing machine, will be electric, pneumatic, mechanical transmission and other organic combinations, with advanced performance, simple and practical, easy to operate, low cost and so on. It has been put into mass production and has been adopted by large food companies such as Prince Milk and Xiao Yangren.

Experts in the industry believe that the successful development of the bottle blowing machine is a major breakthrough in the new equipment of the domestic packaging machinery industry in recent years, and has the significance of popularization and promotion.

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