Due to the increase in the variety of printing materials and inks, and the expansion of drying methods, there are more specific requirements for fountain solutions that are indispensable in offset printing. Their quality and performance will directly affect the quality of printed products and the use of equipment and related equipment. At the same time, the refinement of fountain solution types is also an inevitable trend.

However, at present, the fountain solution that meets the above conditions in the domestic market is dominated by imported products. Although the quality is relatively high, it is expensive, and for some users, choosing a high-quality dampening solution may cause concern. Therefore, the production of fountain solution adapted to new equipment, high quality, and low price will be more suitable to the needs of the market. In order to meet the market demand in this area, Beijing Huashang Economic & Trade Co., Ltd. timely launched the latest high-efficiency fountain solution, thermosetting wheel fluid (CGGEN) and newsprint fountain solution.

Thermoset wheel fountain solution

1. The characteristics of the thermosetting wheel fountain solution 1) The pH of the fountain solution is stable at 4.3-5.5;
2) It is more suitable for high-precision printing, with good dot reproducibility, rich print layers, and bright colors;
3) Can solve the phenomenon of dirty plate due to excessive speed during high-speed printing;
4) Fast drying speed, suitable for high speed commercial rotary printing;
5) It will not contaminate the machine's waterway with enzymes, etc.
6) Relatively reduced alcohol consumption;
7) No crystallization.

The thermosetting wheel dampening solution is mainly used for high-end commercial rotary printing of coated paper and light coated paper. Its components do not contain toluene, fully taking into account the health of the printing workers; it has high-efficiency anti-corrosion and does not cause tube, tank and water circulation. Bacteria in the system breed; when used, there is no foam, it can be completely degraded and can reduce the amount of alcohol.

2. Usage and effect

The use of professional thermosetting wheel fountain solution can make the printed products clear and clean; reduce the amount of water and the amount of ink; after printing, the ink balance is rapid, the ink drying speed is fast, and the printed products are brightly colored. Hua Cong technical personnel said that regardless of the use of alcohol or traditional wetting system, this thermosetting wheel transfer fountain solution is applicable, the amount of 2% to 3%, but before the use of thermoset wheel fountain solution should be thoroughly Clean the dampening system to ensure that it is fully effective.

News fountain solution

News fountain solution is a dampening solution for newsprint printing. It is mainly used in newspaper industry. Since press printing is mostly used in roller press printing, its characteristics and methods of use are basically the same as the above mentioned thermoset rotation fountain solution. . For more and more colorful newspaper prints, high-quality fountain solution has played a role, it makes the color of newspapers more vivid, more clear graphics.

Source: "Printing Technology"

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