The application of background removal is based on the summation of conventional replication process technology. Reasonable use can not only play an alternative role, but also play a compensating role. The black version is used to replace the grey components after the three primary colors are superposed to compensate for the limitations of offset printing. Sex, reducing the coverage area of ​​the dots, correspondingly solves the problem of dryness of the ink, reduces or eliminates printing failures caused by poor overprint of the dots, can increase the printing speed, stabilizes the image tone, and improves the clarity of the image to dark tone. Increasing the density contrast will help improve product quality and reduce costs.

At the same time, it should also be noted that the substitution and compensation of the under color removal is very strict, and must be reasonably applied according to the characteristics and quality of the original document and the printability conditions. Can you use the black version of the grey tone in color components?

The answer is not enough, because the black version not only can replace the role, but also play an integral role in the color reproduction process, responsible for the image color shift or hue adjustment or correction, if all the black version instead, because the black is not It will produce color, then the color component will lose the function of adjustment or modification; same printing, some also need to adjust the color tone.

If the gradation of the three primary colors is very short, then the adjustment effect will also be lost, so the replacement volume of the black version must retain a considerable amount of color ink to satisfy the correction and compensation of the image; the quality of the current black ink has limitations ( If the background density is not enough, the black color of the black edition and the appropriate amount of the three primary colors is more suitable for the representation of the image tone. If the black edition is replaced too much, the color will be thin, the color will be hard and the color saturation will be poor, affecting the real and natural image. And coordination.

In short, the theory of ground color removal (UCR) or gray component replacement (GCR) is feasible, the process technology is mature, the current software function can fully meet the requirements of the application, and the operation is convenient. The key is to correctly understand the concept and optimize the use. Under the premise of guaranteeing the quality of copying and satisfying the requirements of customers, it can be used as much as possible, and at the same time it must prevent negative influences.

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