My BIG PACK CliffWalker 35L Backpack

Time: July 24, 2005

Author: Sky Blue

Overall Overview This BIGPACK CliffWalker 35L backpack is a mid-size backpack that I bought very early and has been with me for three years. The simple shape and functional design make me feel happy in all three years of activities, whether it is summer or winter. One day activities, long-distance travel, rock climbing in three seasons, and ice climbing in winter didn't feel unsatisfactory, so there was no desire to buy a backpack of the same capacity.

It satisfies most of my requirements for medium-sized backpacks: 35L capacity, concise and comfortable carrying, sponge-wrapped belts, lightweight and sturdy fabrics, simple shapes, a hanging buckle for ice, and built-in side pockets on both sides of the main bag. , positive additional small bags, small bags on both sides of the tool bag.

Carrying system

This package's piggyback system design is simple and practical. Belts and shoulder straps are made of porous nylon material wrapped in sponge material, this thick design is more common three years ago, and now similar to the backpack has been using lightweight new materials, but the original design of comfort, good sweat absorption. Because the backpack's carrying length cannot be like a large bag, it can extend directly to the hips and hips, so the shoulder strap will take more backpack weight. My waistline is two feet three. When adjusting, the waistband is close to the minimum. If you change to mm, I'm afraid that adjusting to the minimum is not enough. I go to the sunrise, the backpack is not less than 12kg when the usual two-day activities, back on the body, adjust the straps, I feel basically close to the back, the backpack will not dangling, long back It feels more comfortable to wear shoulders. The pack's breathability is achieved through a design called AirFlex, which allows manual adjustment of the extension and shortening of the Velcro straps on both sides of the carrying mesh to achieve carrying shape and breathability, resulting in elasticity by stretching the nylon mesh. Deformation of the plastic plate produces voids between the enclosure and the grid to achieve a breathable effect. As shown below:

Functional evaluation:

The main body of the backpack is a red 500d CORDURA. The wear resistance is excellent. The width of the bag body is narrow and wide, and the volume is 35L+5L, which is enough to hold the required items on the day. The narrow, hidden side pockets on the left and right sides of the bag are used to carry drinking water bottles, making it easy to place or remove water bottles or some common items while walking.

The 5L top bag has a small volume and cannot be adjusted up or down. There is a piece of rubber cloth on the top of the bag, which can be expanded to pack the strap for use on the top of the outside. The design of the new Cliff Walker will be changed here to elastic rubber rope.

Once the 5L expansion space of the backpack's main body is used, the top bag can not be placed with too many items, otherwise the top bag will be inclined to the place where it is carried.

The feature of this bag is that it has a lot of small bags that can easily store small items. The black bag on the front of the package can be used to store spare clothes or jackets. A small amount of food is not needed to open up the main bag every time you break. Once you suddenly rain, you can quickly put on rain-proof clothing. Each black bag has a narrow, long bag of about 20cm on each side. I usually put on one side elongated items such as chopsticks, spoons, toothbrushes, toothpaste, knives, etc. On the other side is a 35L rain cover.

Although it is a 35L backpack, usually one or two days of activity, a girl's personal equipment can be installed in this humble backpack.

When climbing, fast hanging, master locks, various instruments to the main bag full, helpless 50M power cord can only be placed on the outside of the package, although hung on the outside, with compression straps on both sides of the backpack can be strong Place the rope on the bag. Even if everything is packed in the bag and the bag is full, the outside of the bag is clean and neat.

Overall rating BIG PACK CliffWalker 35L is a classic backpack, simple, practical, and strong. The advantage of this package is its user-friendly design with a variety of corners, such as an implied side pocket, a frontal pouch, and an adjustable breathable system that allows me to feel the convenience it brings in all kinds of activities. It seems to be called an all-around medium-sized package, long-distance travel, short-distance crossing, rock climbing, ice climbing, mountain climbing, and various activities will not disappoint you.

Backpack evaluation item Brand BIG PACK Model CliffWalker 35L Volume 35 Market Retail Price 02 448 yuan Weight 1.5kg Function Positioning Short-distance Crossing, Travel, Rock Climbing, Ice Climbing Design Desirability Design Color Red/Black Height Inclusions Column Attached Rain cover Non-functional design Whether there is no side cover Whether there is a top bag Whether there is a side bag or not There is a hail hanging ring, 1 Whether there is a packing strap at the bottom Whether there is a fast hanging ring with fluorescent strips No Whether there is an external bag connection Buckle No side Whether there is compression with a ring of equipment No Whether there is a fast hanging belt No hanging crampons Design No Whether there is a climbing pole Hanging ring Yes No Tripod Hanging buckle No material Fabric Covering Fabric 500d CORDURA Packing material 500d CORDURA Waterproof 1500 PU zipper material nylon other zipper brand BIGPACK waterproof zipper no fastener material UltraFLEX reflective material has a carrying body design bears the main body material spandex fiber carrying system Air Flex carrying structure internal frame supporting material rigid porous plastic plate auxiliary design arch type or stick back The design is adjustable whether there is a chest belt range, suitable for a minimum waist circumference of 70cm, Suitable for back length 44cm Breathable design with good air permeability Main bag body design Standard volume 35 Measured volume Yes Expanded volume Function Expanded volume 5L Cross-sectional shape Ellipse Whether there is separate sleeping bag Separate compartment No auxiliary design Whether there is water bag compartment None Whether the outlet of the water pipe is attached to the front of the backpack and the additional bag can be independently opened or closed. Designed with a waistband. Whether there is a small waistband design. There is no breastplate buckle. There is a chest buckle adjustment method. The pullout sleeping bag is separated from the main bag. No way to tighten the waistband is to receive the front or close after the top of the functional design volume 5L is removable, can be raised 0cm above whether there is no detachable pockets to do the pocket design no inner pocket whether there is no hanging The key design has no other backpack attached to the front bag, up to 5 pockets, and it is very convenient to place small items and equipment.

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