1, the level of image scanning is insufficient.

2, image scan ratio calculation error.

3. Insufficient level of image placement and inaccurate cutting.

4, put the wrong image.

5, with a low solution to do the output.

6, RGB image is not transferred to CMYK will be output.

7, the image is not completely decontamination.

8, retreat is not appropriate, from the white side, to re-do the ground.

9, there is no character output.

10, use the wrong word output.

11. Use damaged font output.

12. Output the damaged manuscript.

13, scan with wrong figure.

14. Use damaged software for output.

15, Black did not do Overprint.

16, black field did not add blue version.

17, color version of the output error, four colors out of spot colors, spot colors out of four colors.

18, but the negative film has a positive film, or the opposite.

19, the output direction of the film is wrong, the film wants to go up, up out of the down.

20, the same type of picture, scanning is not uniform, multiple redo scanning and output processes.

21, correction of color correction image, to redo repair color.

22. The highlights and dark positions are wrong during scanning.

23. The RGB color blocks in the manuscript will be output without CMYK.

24. The number of outputs was wrong. There were three sets for a set and only three sets for three sets.

25. Repeatedly output the non-forests that have been exported.

26, the output scaling error.

27. The non-forest size is insufficient. The A3 draft uses the A4 non-forest.

28, horizontal straightness setting error, or wrong Printerdrive.

29, the output of the wrong file, to A draft of the B draft.

30. The number of pages with errors is the sixth page of the fifth page.

31. There were more pages. To page 5, there was a 5th page.

32, use the wrong net angle with the output.

33, use the wrong net output.

34. Scanning resolution setting error.

35, the output density is too high or too low, resulting in too fat or too thin outlets.

36, four-color film can not register pin position.

37, did not make traps.

38, trapping to do too much, color between the exposed side.

39, only a black version of the pin needle position.

40, replace the color block can not register with the original color version.

41, make up the scan and the original image is not trapped, to redo the color and output.

42, the film machine away.

43, punching machine scraping non-forest.

44. The syrup of the tablets is too thick or too thin, affecting the non-forest outlets.

45. The temperature of the punching machine is too high or too low, affecting non-forest outlets.

46. ​​Use the non-forest output that has gone away.

47. The system is down and the manuscript has been damaged.

48. The system has a virus and damages the manuscript that has been made.

49, use a damaged MO, optical drive to store images.

50. Missing guests' lights, manuscripts, etc. (BIS Network)

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