Pressurized oil furnaces such as the US MSR and Sweden's PRIMUS are not yet common in the country and are probably the reason for the high investment. A set of things must range from $60 - $120. Here is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages that I can think of:


Pressure oil furnace ~ different brands are not the same but basically available gasoline kerosene diesel and so on. Wherever you can find a car you can find inexhaustible fuel. Long-term use of fuel costs very little. However, impure fuel can easily clog the nozzle.

Tank stove ~ fuel is not easy to buy in many places, expensive, how much can't be seen in the tank, empty cans back back (don't throw!)


Pressurized oil stoves can be disassembled and repaired in the field. Generally, they are stronger and less likely to be damaged. However, when the fuel is not clean, the nozzles are easily clogged, although maintenance on the spot is still troublesome. Pressurized hand pumps can also be a problem. Widespread fuel sources increase reliability in the expedition. It can be used normally at low (-40) temperatures.

Tank stove ~ as long as it is not bad, a little. Mainly because of the clean fuel. The well-designed furnace has a simple structure, and there is nothing that can be broken (but often it is not necessary to repair it once it is broken). It is not easy to use it at the freezing point. Pots using a mixed formula can be used for a while under freezing. To find ways to heat the tank warming.


Pressurized oil furnace has two processes: pressurization and priming. But it's not hard to learn. It is easy to pick up the flame when the flame is not in use. Only a few high-grade stoves can control the amount of fire, generally only two states, full-opening and full-closing. If there is only snow and boiled water, this is nothing. Empty stove is generally above 300 grams

Tank stove ~ fire can be wishful control. be quiet. The entire stove can be very light and small.

All stoves should be avoided in the tent, especially the pressurized oil stove. Otherwise it is difficult to burn the tent.

Fuel must be shipped from land. Boiler pressure cookers are very convenient.


Alcohol stove ~ quiet, easy to operate, easy to find fuel, but only half the value of alcohol and gasoline (to back more fuel, water is also slow). And when the temperature is very low, it will not stand still. The flames are not easy to see during the day and are dangerous. Simple and cheap. weight.

Wood stove ~ (Zip Stove [tm]) with a branch of firewood sticks as fuel, with a small battery-powered fan under the wind. It burns with firepower, and it uses fewer branches than bonfires. It is easy to operate and control. It is also safe. Although fuel may be all over the place, it can only have advantages in places where there is firewood, and it is heavier. Simple and cheap.

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