1. The hot flower transfer time should be adjusted according to the substrate and temperature.

2. Nylon powder should be fine in view pattern and select the appropriate size particles, that is to say fine pattern should use fine nylon powder; otherwise use coarse nylon powder.

3. It is better to use 80 mesh screen printing screen acrylic glue.

4. Screen printing acrylic glue for the thickness, it is best to float on the fluff is easier to stick nylon powder.

5. When the net is wiped off, the printed surface must be completely dry before printing to avoid contaminating the velvet paper so that the printed nylon paper adheres to the velvet paper.

6. When carrying out heat transfer, clothing and floral paper should be kept clean, dry, and flat.

7. Clothing that is not heat-resistant should be covered with a layer of cloth on the back of the paper, and then ironed.


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